Wait ‘Till This Year

Last year at this time, the NY Mets were in free fall and I was standing in front of a bar in Manhattan with this guy discussing their chances of righting the ship and making the playoffs. We felt confident that The Phillies, being The Phillies, would choke and the Mets would somehow make the postseason. We were overly optimistic, The Mets came up short and they appear to be doing in again. I want to look away but I can’t. I’m going to suffer through the last week and a half just like this blogger, this one and this one.

While we keep our fingers crossed for a miracle here is a song from The Baseball Project, who you can read about here.



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5 responses to “Wait ‘Till This Year

  1. Some runs! Some runs! My kingdom for some runs!

  2. So you’re going to be jumping on the White Sox bandwagon soon, right?

  3. betheboy

    Joseph – My wife is from a Cubs family so I’d head that way.

  4. *Sigh* The National League, where pitchers go to waste at-bats.

  5. real baseball players hit…they don’t send up their friends to bat for them

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