Facts I Have a Hard Time Accepting

  • The Ronald McDonald House is not a home for retired clowns.
  • Get A Life, will never be released in it’s entirety on DVD.
  • The NY Jets will always, always disappoint me.

Life is tough sometimes.  I hope you’ve been able to accept things like this gracefully.  Until I learn to do the same, here’s a clip from Get a Life:



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22 responses to “Facts I Have a Hard Time Accepting

  1. I’m having trouble with the lack of comments on your last two posts.

    I’m also having trouble with the fact that I think I am getting sick.

    That is all.

  2. “Get A Life, will never be released in it’s entirety on DVD.”

    Ah, the first time I saw Anne Hathaway and thought “this kid could be something.”

    Oh wait, you’re not talking about “Get Real?”

  3. i feel that way about my seahawks man.

  4. betheboy

    I do not. I mean the Get a Life staring Chris Elliot as a 30 year old paperboy.

  5. You just ruined my life with that information about the Ronald McDonald House. I have nothing left to believe in.

  6. betheboy

    Melissa – I apologize for making a mess of your life.

  7. I know Will; I was just making a lame joke.

    (They really need, btw, to do a DVD release of Bob And Ray, starring Chris Elliot’s father Bob, who was also his father on “Get A Life.”)

  8. betheboy

    Joseph – I love Bob and Ray, check this out http://www.archive.org/details/otr_bobandray

  9. vintagecaveman

    That’s the first time I ever seen “Get a Life”. Looks funny…
    The canned laughter is a bit grating on the nerves, though.

    I have a hard time accepting that I’m willfully doing the “adult thing”.

  10. Will, that archive is fantastic, thanks!

    Check out Audrey Meadows autobio some day; she has some fun tales about working with them.

  11. The Jets will never disappoint you as much as the San Francisco Giants disappoint me.

  12. I was born in Buffalo. Being a Bills fan is in my DNA. Enough said?

  13. I have a hard time accepting that I was already (or very nearly) a TEENAGER when Vintage Caveman was born.

  14. vintagecaveman

    Annika- That doesn’t count. A lot of people have a hard time accepting that.

  15. pacolongisland

    I have a hard time accepting that “Get a Life” actually made it on the air. Chris Elliott is, to me, the worst comedic “talent” I have ever seen. The only other “comedians” I dislike as much are Janeane Garofalo and Ben Stiller.

  16. i remember when chris elliott got started on david letterman, and i actually liked that show. not sure why, but i did.

    yep, i sure did.

  17. bk

    The Jets game was disheartening.The fact that I missed the third quarter because my brother and sister in law started fighting seems like a boon now as opposed to the irritation it was at the time.I do wish I had recorded it so as to have a better idea of just what the hell imploded.Ehh at least this week there were no beer cans thrown at the Tv. Thats a plus.

  18. Bob: “. . . organization . . . . . . the . . . ”
    Ray: “Fast Talkers of America”
    Bob: ” . . . Fast . . .”
    Ray: “Talkers of America!”
    Bob: “. . . Talkers . . . ”
    Ray: “of America!!”
    Bob: ” . . . of . . . ”
    Ray: “America!!!”
    Bob: ” . . . America . . .”

  19. Also. I just want the San Francisco Giants to win a single World Series in my lifetime.

    Just one. Doesn’t seem like a whole lot to ask.

  20. you ever see that episode of Get A Life where Chris chokes on cereal and receives psychic powers?

    Or the one where he becomes a male model (the basis for handsome boy modeling school, the band) and sees the ugly side of the modeling business?

    That was the golden era of television.

    I have one season on DVD, some of it doesn’t translate through the years but most does.

  21. I remember Get A Life, was it on after in Living Color on Sunday nights and Elliott was a paper boy?

    That show sucked and it was funny in a weird way.

  22. Also isn’t the mom Betty “Princess” Anderson from Father Knows Best.
    I know GEEK CHECK!

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