Family Laundry Planning

Yesterday I got an email from my dad telling me to call my brother (the one who appears in this post) because his long time girlfriend, who is awesome, is having some serious health issues.  While my brother and I get along fine we rarely talk on the phone, we’re just not chatty so it’s no surprise that when I called him I ended up leaving a voice mail.  Still I wanted to find out what was going on so I started calling other family members.  I ended up talking to another brother, one of my sisters and my mother before I finally understood the story.  As it turns out, she’s going to need surgery but during the course of the calls there was also another bit of information shared by my sister.  She said:

“Your brother was going to go to the doctor with her but he said he couldn’t because he didn’t have a clean shirt.  He thought it might be important so he didn’t want to look sloppy.”

I can’t wait to use that one.  This will go down in family  history alongside such excuses as:

– The day I couldn’t go to work because there was a scary dog standing by my car.

– The time one of my other brothers claimed he couldn’t go to school because he was itchy.

It should be noted that my brother, dirty shirt aside, is taking good care of his girlfriend and we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for a speedy recovery.



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3 responses to “Family Laundry Planning

  1. The day I burned the house down because I saw a mouse.

    (So sorry. I honestly wasn’t going to go there, but couldn’t resist. You can slap me next time I see you).

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