This Should Work Just Fine

There’s a cricket chirping loudly outside my window and I have a theory on how to make it stop but I’m afraid to try if for fear that my wife will make fun of me (she is in the room with me but not aware that I’m typing this).   Many of my ideas are not smart so I usually ask myself before taking an action “Will my wife laugh at me” and proceed accordingly.  Everything tells me that my cricket plan is foolish but I want to try it anyway.

Here’s the plan: I think that I read somewhere that crickets will stop chirping if there is a radio on, so I’m going to try it out.  I’m not sure how it works…I think the crickets will dance or at very least they sound of the radio will drown them out.  Please don’t tell her why I’m about to place a radio on the windowsill.

P.S. – If you are my wife, ignore the previous paragraphs.

UPDATED – My wife informs me that we’ve been through this before and it did not work then either, she explains in the comments.



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11 responses to “This Should Work Just Fine

  1. Pee Ess, You told me to try this when we first met and I had the cricket issue at my old house. It doesn’t work.

    (typing from four feet away)

  2. Ha ha! You guys crack me up. My neighbor HATES crickets and makes her husband collect them in a plastic bag and throw them into other neighbors’ yards! WTF? Luckily, we live several houses down, because honestly, we have enough damn crickets. And ants. And black widows. Ugh.

  3. we have had an INORDINATE amount of crickets at our house this year. What freaking gives?!

    And my dogs? They will eat any bug/creature/critter/fluffy cute thing that moves, but crickets? Nope.

    They are fun to catch and kill. And bring into my house. And roll on. After that they are just worthless.

  4. and then i have to pick them up. and crickets give new meaning to disgusting bug.

  5. a) I love crickets.

    b) To quote Will “I told you this and you still married me? Who’s the dumb one now?”

  6. aawww, you’re on computers in the same room, leaving each other comments. cute.

    maybe punch the cricket in the face? a black eye might keep him quiet for a while. I once had a bird outside my window that would chirp every morning. Eventually I threatened him enough with the black eye that he stopped. I would have liked to get him right in the kisser though, it would have felt good. I’m not violent normally but I tell you, that bird had it coming….

  7. dvl

    we turn on a small fan to drown out nighttime noise.

  8. It’s like a zoo at your house.

  9. So I’m guessing it did not, in fact, work?

  10. Andrew

    See, I told you crickets are dicks, with all their chirping; like pay attention to me, I’m so special because I make all this noise and can tell the temperature with the amount of times I chirp every 15 seconds and crap. Now cicaidas are the real special ones because they are only around once every 17 years or something ridiculous like that, so when they chirp, you better listen, because they have something to say.

    Ugh, crickets are the skeeviest bugs, no bug should be that ugly.

  11. JT

    I once tried sneaking up near a cricket and screaming, thinking I would shock it into silence.

    Needless to say, it did not work. Also needless to say, I was drunk.

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