Following Up on Yesterday

Yesterday was a rough day for me but when I got home things were ok thanks to my wife who usually calms me down when I freak out over little things (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see this post).  The mouse is still on the loose but my wife, the dog and the orthodox exterminator are on the case.

With a crisis averted we decided we needed to get out of the house but we couldn’t agree on what we wanted.  Torn between drinks and dessert, we combined the two.

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a lady order a whiskey and a sundae at the same time.



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12 responses to “Following Up on Yesterday

  1. vintagecaveman

    So, you’ve never had a whiskey float?

    Um…I haven’t either


  2. Is 9 am too early for me to go and order this very combo?

    And what happened to Mr. Mouse? Did he take the bait?!

  3. betheboy

    Sarah – Not too early. As for the mouse he is still on the loose (I updated the post accordingly).

  4. I honestly don’t think he’s around anymore, nothing’s remotely been touched and the trap is the only food out in the house.

  5. I’m the same way with spiders. I have been known to scream like an 8 year old girl at a slumber party when I see a spider.

    Mr. Noodle

  6. I think to deal with this mouse problem you should go invade someone else home cross-town. Occupy and tear it up in hopes of ending the mouse scourge in your home. Hey look how that has worked out for W.

  7. Orthodox exterminator. Does not compute.

  8. betheboy

    Jodi- From Yesterday:

    “My landlady, who is wonderful is deeply religious and because of this she only hires contractors who are share her beliefs. I don’t know if you realize this but very few exterminators advertise their religious affiliation in their Yellow Pages listings so if anyone can recommend an Orthodox Jew who handles pest control I’d appreciate it.”

  9. Paul L.

    Were you there the time we made beer floats?

  10. Paul L.

    Guinness and french vanilla Haagen Dazs btw.

  11. Sherwood


    I used to think mice were cute until a family of them took up residence in my attic. However, I now know them to be evil and have voided their warranty on humane treatment. It started with every night when I went to bed I could hear them gnawing at stuff. Upon inspection I found out they loved the 60’s era wiring in my house and were systematically gnawing the insulation off of the wires in an attempt to burn down my house.

    At my wife’s insistence I placed the humane traps. But every night as I am trying to sleep I hear the gnawing and go crazy thinking about burning to death in my sleep. It was right out of Edgar Allen Poe….deprive a man of his sleep for weeks until he slowly goes crazy listening to gnawing.

    I ended up throwing out humane traps and went for the spring jobs that break their necks. Believe me my conscience is clear having wiped out that mouse family. I had to get a lot of wiring replaced and now sleep much better.

    So I say be careful about wanting to burn down the house because they might just do it for you


    PS re-reading this I guess this will not be real helpful with your mouse fears and it kind of makes me sound like a psycho….Sorry about that & I’m really a normal person

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