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Here at Be the Boy we are honoring the start of the new school year with school related stories from the archives.  This takes place in 1982, when I was in second grade.

When I was 7 it was a very good year

When I was in second grade, 1982, we lived in a basement apartment on the property adjacent to my school. On school days we’d all leave the house at 8:15 am, my mom would take my sister to the babysitter on her way to work while my brother and I would walk around the corner to our school. School didn’t start until 9:00 am but if you got there early you could run around in the gym and throw basketballs at other kids.

Technically the throwing basketballs wasn’t allowed but these morning free play sessions were supervised by our gym teacher who didn’t care much for stopping us from hurting ourselves. He couldn’t have been more than in his mid 20’s and he’d play music in the morning, generally hits of the day while we played and he chatted it up with the hotter moms. One morning while Asia’s Heat of the moment was playing I got hit in the face with a basketball and retaliated by hitting the kid who threw it in the face with my lunchbox. From then on I was no longer permitted to go to the gym play time, instead, if I had to come to school early I was supposed to go sit in the office with the kids who either got banned from the gym or who started fires until my teacher came to get me. For the first few days I did this until I thought of a better way to spend my morning. I’d walk my brother to the school door and then when he went towards the gym I’d turn around and run back around the corner, go home and play Atari until I heard the first bell at the school ring, then quickly run back to school. This went flawlessly until the day I was playing Pitfall and I got on a roll, by the time the warning bell rang I already had found the money bag, the silver bars, the gold bars, the diamond ring and hit a new high score…school would have to wait. In fact I never even went to school that day, I stayed home, played Atari and ate cookies. After the school called that evening to ask why I had missed class I tried to explain that I was breaking my Pitfall personal best but mom wasn’t aware of how cool this was and I had to sit in the office until they let me back in the gym.



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10 responses to “More School Stuff

  1. I applaud your level of commitment.

  2. theletterkae

    Which lunch box was this that you used to smite the heathen? And was it the metal kind or the plastic kind? :D

  3. betheboy

    Metal although I can’t be certain which one, my brother and i would trade lunchboxes regularly so it was either Pac Man or The Dukes of Hazzard.

  4. vintagecaveman

    So. worth. it.

  5. We were not allowed to watch cartoons as kids, but sometimes my mom subbed and had to leave the house earlier than us. One day I was the only home and so naturally I turned on the tv before school. Jem was on! I watched it, and then another cartoon came after that, and then another…

    When I realized it was after 9:15 I turned off the tv, ran the block and a half to my school, but it was too late. My class had left on the field trip without me. I never told my mother that I had to sit with another class all day that time because I was busy watching cartoons. Bet ya anything I had more fun watching tv than I would have on that stupid field trip.

  6. I like the idea of school themed stories. We all have them, eh? I’ve got some good ones involving Capital Punishment. Oh yeah–school in the South. Good times.

  7. betheboy

    Jodi – Capital Punishment? What kind of school did you go to?

  8. Corporeal Punishment maybe? Or was there an Ol’ Sparky in your school?

  9. i can still remember the way those metal lunchboxes smelled. i think it’s cool you took on the other kid, must have made for a good reputation for you.

  10. I loved Pitfall. Do you know how many times I’ve reminisced about that game trying in vain to remember what it was called?

    Thank you for relieving one of my myriad debilitating brain-freezes.

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