Why I’m Voting Slackmistress

For the past few days I’ve been spending a lot of time talking about The Hot Blogger Calendar.  As I’ve mentioned before, my wife and I were both nominated and all week long  we’ve promoted it , made videos about it and campaigned for you votes.  We realize that it’s a silly contest but we’re having fun with it.  We realize it’s trivial but we love blogging so if we’re in it, we want to win it.  As I type this we are just about a day away from the end of the voting (it closes at the end of the day 8/31) and I am in the top ten on the guys side while my wife is holding the # 13 spot on the ladies side.  Considering that hundreds of people were nominated I am thrilled that we are doing so well, I am flattered to be in the top ten especially since I’m far from what anyone would call hot.  Enough about me though, I want to talk about my wife The Slackmistress.  As I mentioned earlier she is currently # 13 in the voting, it’s a nice showing but I really want her to finish in the top 12; she belongs there, and I’m willing to do whatever I can do to get her there, but we’re running out of time.  Now I can’t make you vote for her but I can tell you why you should.

1-The Slackmistress is not just a Hot Blogger, she’s a beautiful blogger inside and out.  If you only know her from reading her blog you don’t know the whole story.  You don’t know that she’s the reason I get up in the morning and try to be the best person I can be every day.  Maybe you do know that, after all you may have noticed I’m not the train wreck I used to be, that’s all because of her.  For making me a better person, she deserves a vote.

2-She’s got blogging street cred.  The Slackmistress has been blogging since before the word blog existed.  When you were all LOL in an AOL chatroom back in 1997 she was starting her first blog, coding the HTML herself to keep you updated.

3- A vote for The Slackmistress is a vote for goodness. My wife is a good person, better than anyone I know.  I’m sure all of the other candidates are wonderful people but they can’t be as good as my girl.  She is the best thing that ever happened to me and and she does nothing but give to the people around her.  She doesn’t ask for much and you know what, she doesn’t get nearly enough.  She works very hard for little money, she volunteers to rescue puppies that she can’t bring home and never complains.  On top of everything, The Slackmistress could have married any guy in the world and for some reason she chose me.

She deserves more money, more recognition and…well I’m trying to be the best husband I can be…I’m doing OK, I just wish I could give her the things she deserves.  While I can’t give her everything I can try to make sure she’s recognized as one of the Hottest Bloggers around, but I need your help because with a day to go she’s way behind.  If you haven’t voted for the Hot Blogger Calendar please click here and vote for The Slackmistress.  If you’ve voted already tell someone else to vote for her, she deserves it like nobody else in the world.

Once again, here’s the link, go vote Slackmistress and please tell your friends.

Finally, if it helps here are her two campaign videos:

Video One

Video Two

Finally, here she is, now go vote. Thanks!



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8 responses to “Why I’m Voting Slackmistress

  1. omg, this is so very sweet will. i swear to god on all that is holy if i could vote again i would, but i can’t and i don’t want to mess up her numbers anyway.

    i think you guys have the best video out there (in fact, after i watched yours i haven’t watched ANY OTHERS. they would disappoint i fear and leave a bad taste in my mouth).

    would it help if i could get the bloggess to personally come to your house and cook her dinner? i’m certain that would be WAY more awesome to slack than that contest.

    she belongs there, that much is true.

    even tho i’m on that silly thing, i’m just gonna email everyone i know to vote for her (not that it’ll help much but hey, after this post I want to do whatever it takes to help her win).

    slack mistress FOR-EVAH!

  2. i just sent out a bulletin on myspace, i rarely use that account but figured it couldn’t hurt.

  3. i voted. hope she wins!

  4. I voted for her at work and at home! and posted your obama/slackmistress vid on my blog. i hope it helps.

  5. aww, the slackmistress is very lucky to have a be the boy in her life.

  6. I can make toast and microwave instant stroganoff. I’ll be right over.

    Please have the instant stroganoff ready and have a microwave available. Also, some wine.

  7. Burn

    … got cut off commenting. Anyhooo.

    I was just saying that the slackmistress is really lucky to have such a great romantic in her life. I wish my man knew how to say these words. LOL.

    I’d change my vote for best male if I could, but seeing as you don’t need it anymore, I just voted for slackmistress instead! Congratumalationses!

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