Last Night, Last Day To Vote Slackmistress

Last night The Slackmistress and I held our 11th weekly live chat.  Thanks to everyone who showed up to watch.  We know there are a lot of things you could be doing on a Saturday night so we appreciate you spending some time with us.

As usual the real stars were the chat room participants, who we’re even funnier than usual last night.  We even had a visit from the Emrys, the artist behind the outstanding comic Close to the Chest, which we recommend checking out.  If you couldn’t make it to the show we’ve archived it here.

We’ll be back next week with more, we hope to see you there.

After the show we headed on down to our usual post show eatery, 8 oz. Burger Bar on Melrose. We were joined by friends and chat room participants Ed, Lisa and The Letterkae.  As we enjoyed our delicious food we got some complimentary drinks for making it our regular post show hang out.  Free drinks are good but the food is even better.

Finally, today is the last day to vote for The Slackmistress for The Hot Blogger Calendar.  Yesterday, I stated my case for her candidacy but it’s up to you now.  Vote Slackmistress for Hot Blogger and spread the word, there’s only a few hours left.

Just in case you’re undecided, here’s one last campaign video:



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3 responses to “Last Night, Last Day To Vote Slackmistress

  1. Congrats! You made it :)

  2. theletterkae

    Hot damn! I’m mentioned in a betheboy post!

    Congrats to you and Mrs.BeTheSlackmistress for making the finals. :)

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