Now We’re Working Blue

In support of our Hot Blogger Calendar candidacy we have made a porno promo video:

You can vote for me here, I’m listed as Be the Boy.

My wife is listed as The Slackmistress and you can vote for her here.

Tell your friends to vote for us too, because a vote for us is a vote for indecency.

In all seriousness if you vote for anyone in this vote for The Slackmistress as she’s truly the hottest blogger I know.  Click here and cast a vote.



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12 responses to “Now We’re Working Blue

  1. Boom chicka wa wah. You guys rock!


    I’m convinced now.

  3. OMG. I’m falling in love w/you two. Wow. This is just awesome.

    I hope you win something hot like a $100 gift certificate to That would be hot.

  4. I really hope this gets you guys extra votes. You deserve it for a laugh like that!

  5. you guys are so cute. i love it!

  6. Paul L.

    Will! It IS You!!!!

  7. The Girl

    You make me sick. Is there a way I can get my vote back? Is there a rule where your sister can’t vote for you? My Slack vote could still stand. Growing up as we did I should have known NOT to press play…though this isn’t half as traumatizing as things we stumbled on in the old VCR’s. Still, you disgust me.

  8. Don’t think you needed that copyright at the end. I Doubt that anybody is going to steal it . . .

  9. I knew there was a reason I loved you guys!

  10. Hysterical… and frightening at the end!
    Great to see you guys yesterday.

    Holy crap, we’re married, too!

  11. that is by far the best VIDEO i’ve seen yet!

  12. I wish I was married to both of you. <3

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