It’s Come To This

We can’t hide it, The Slackmistress and I would like to be in the Hot Blogger Calendar.

I was ambivalent about this until I realized that the photo shoot will take place in New York. As you know my family lives in New York and I grew up there. I’ve decided to try and win this so I’ll be able to see my family.

You can vote for me here, I’m listed as Be the Boy.

My wife is listed as The Slackmistress and you can vote for her here.

Tell your friends to vote for us too.

If we get enough votes I may let you see her boobs which are spectacular. I have not cleared this plan with her but I’m sure she’s willing to do it. You might even get to try one of these moves:

Come on, we’d vote for you.



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13 responses to “It’s Come To This

  1. That moved me. I voted. Bring me back a bagel and a packet of duck sauce?

  2. betheboy

    Green – I love take out chineese duck sauce, especially when they get warm from being on top of the soup.

  3. Nobody know what duck sauce is here in the Midwest. I miss it. Oh, and you have my vote. If only presidential candidates campaigned this way…

  4. i voted yesterday from home. i tried to do it from work too but “the man” banned me from going to that website. bastards.

  5. vintagecaveman

    I voted for Slack and myself.
    You can understand, right?
    I like to hold on to all delusions that I’ll win..

  6. I voted for VCM from home and you from work. So basically? I cancelled out my own vote.

    Plus like DUH I voted for Slack at both places.

  7. “Nobody know what duck sauce is here in the Midwest. I miss it. ”

    Now I want some duck from Yoshi’s, an excellent French-Japanese fusion restaurant here in Chicago.

  8. I’ll do just about anything for boobs. I’m weak that way. I need help. Please help me.

  9. betheboy

    You’re not alone Joe. Boobs is good.

  10. I done voted for the both of you’s.

  11. AJ

    Having the matchless honor of meeting you both last night, I would certainly agree; you two deserve to be on that list.

    Oh and, um, yeah…spectacular. ;)

    Great to meet you guys, along with the other L.A. bloggers, Will. I look forward to getting into both your blogs.

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