Werewolves of Long Island

When my little brother was 6 he was obsessed with werewolves and he was convinced that he could turn into one if he just tried hard enough.  Every day he’s spend at least an hour in front of a mirror looking for signs of lycanthropy and then practicing his werewolf face.  He suspected that at any moment the change would happen so he wanted to be ready when it did. He’d contort his face, close one eye, mess up his hair and show his teeth then walk around the house biting people.


Since I am much older than my brother I was already an adult when this was going on. I laughed the werewolf game off as just a silly thing that kids do, except I’ve never forgotten about it and to this day whenever I think of my brother I think of the werewolf face.


Maybe it’s just because I don’t see my brother enough but sometimes, if no one is looking and I’m near a mirror, I’ll try to turn into a werewolf too.  Usually no one notices, but earlier today someone caught me working on my werewolf face.  I didn’t try to explain to them but I hope you’ll understand.


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  1. they probably think that you are, in fact, a werewolf and will show up tomorrow wearing crosses and smelling heavily of garlic. Or they will try to seduce you for a bite because I think it’s more likely they’ll want to become one too.

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