Shameless Self Promotion and Pandering

I’m not sure how this happened but I somehow ended up being nominated for the Hot Blogger Calendar, my wife was also nominated, which makes sense as she is all kinds of hot but I am decidedly funny looking.  I was ambivalent about this until I realized that the photo shoot will take place in New York. As you know my family lives in New York and I grew up there. I’ve decided to try and win this so I’ll have an excuse to go visit my family.  So please, vote for me and my wife (who is actually hot, I get excited just typing her name).

You can vote for me here, I’m listed as Be the Boy.

My wife is listed at The Slackmistress and you can vote for her here.

Finally, here we are together.  This was taken about 4 weeks after we met or about 2 days before we got engaged.



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3 responses to “Shameless Self Promotion and Pandering

  1. I was able to refresh and vote again for Nina but not for you.:( I guess they caught me. You’ll probably not catch up to Comics Curmudgeon, but at least you’re ahead of Neilotchka.

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