The Things I Forgot (Until I Remembered)

During our live chat on Saturday night I told a story that I had completely forgotten about. This seems to happen a lot, we’ll be discussing things with the viewers and all of the sudden I’ll get a flash of childhood hilarity I had forgotten about. It’s kind of like The Dead Zone but backwards and with more profanity. Here’s something I’d forgotten about until last night:

When I was very young, five or six years old, I used to cry in the mornings before school, especially on days when my dad would walk me to the bus stop. I don’t know why exactly I cried but maybe it had something to do with his habit of peeing in the bushes while we waited for the bus.

The other kids dads rarely if ever did that…the moms even less frequently.

I haven’t told my wife this story but when she reads this she probably will not be surprised. She once asked if I had any family stories that didn’t end with someone peeing in the bushes or out a window. I’m sure I do, I just can’t think of any right now.

While I try to think of an appropriate story can someone please explain how I ended up on this list?  A hot blogger list? No list of hot anythings should include me, but someone, I’m guessing my mother, nominated me. She must have been thinking of the best photo ever taken of me, which is shown below.  Looks wise I peaked at 6 years old, this must have been taken on a day when no one was peeing at the bus stop.

On the other hand someone also nominated my wife, The Slackmistress, in the female category and THAT makes sense as she is both hot and the best blogger I know, you should vote for her here.



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5 responses to “The Things I Forgot (Until I Remembered)

  1. Soaked Dad

    Oh, that is so LOL. Not so long ago I was doing yard work and after finishing the grass cutting I parked the mower under the deck and walked into the yard. I suddenly felt something warm and wet? I looked up to see my two young boys peeing off the deck. Sorry Dad, we didn’t know you would be under our pee. Gotta love’em. As grossed out as I was I had to laugh. We still laugh about it years later.

  2. You look like McCully Culkin. In a good way.

  3. You look like a drunk macauley culkin. also (strangely) in a good way.

  4. Looking sharp Commodore, looking sharp.

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