Chat Recap #10

Thanks for showing up to watch our live chat last night. We know there are a lot of things you could be doing on a Saturday night so we appreciate you spending some time with us. Last night we covered:

  • The Slackmistress’ relationship with Barack Obama
  • Stories we’ve never told our parents
  • Head injuries and sleeping on the sidewalk
  • Why I refused to show my scar
  • Dancing with Joey Tequila

As usual the real stars were the chat room participants, you guys really bring the comedy gold. If you couldn’t make it we’ve archived it here. We’ll be back next week with more, we hope to see you there.

Afterwards we headed on down to our usual post show eatery, 8 oz. Burger Bar on Melrose. We were joined by friends and chat room participants Ed and Lisa as well as Slackbrother J the Younger. As we enjoyed our burgers at the suddenly very crowded 8 oz. I remembered a number of stories that I wished I had though of during the show. It always happens this way, I make a mental list of things to talk about and then get sidetracked and forget half of them. Someone remind me to tell the stories of the passively racist cripple and the PBR fort next time.



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3 responses to “Chat Recap #10

  1. oh, i’m putting that on my calendar to remind you. i laughed so much about you watching your stuff be burned from your school yard. after typing that, i feel kind of sad about it now. you shouldn’t have had to witness that.

  2. dvl

    i was 3-sheets in by the time you txted… sorry we missed the show and after feast. xoxo

  3. betheboy

    We had a few sheets out as well, no worries. We’ll see you soon.

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