Spend Your Weekend With Us

I don’t know if I’ve even mentioned it but my smarter more attractive half and I do a live video chat on Saturday nights.   It starts at 8:00 pm Pacific time at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/bethemarriage. You should check it out and tell your friends.

A few things to look forward to in tomorrow night’s live video chat:

  • The Alex Trebek party van is on the prowl again.
  • Our spontaneous TV sing along party.
  • A recap of the many stupid things I’ve done lately.

And much, much more.  We get started at 8 and run till about 10 or whenever we run out of things to say. Answers to all of your questions can be found in this post.  See you there.



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5 responses to “Spend Your Weekend With Us

  1. Also, jokes about you being fellated!

  2. one of these days i will get up at 6am to catch this thing. i will have to hold in the laughter though so i don’t wake up the rest of the family. will that be possible?

  3. betheboy

    Natalie – we do have some highlight reels up if you can’t catch it live.

  4. Same Bat Channel, Same Bat Place….
    I’ll be there.

  5. The top five reasons to watch “Be the Marriage Live! (On Ice)”:

    1. Will & Nina. A great couple that gives great chat.
    2. Daisy the Wonder Dog and her many nipples.
    3. Potential Swag sighting of the robot kind.
    4. The supporting cast: the peeps in the chat room.
    5. The Scar. If you don’t know about the scar, tune in.

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