Two Notes and Two Questions

First the notes:

1- I’ve got a new post up over at LA Metblogs about one of my favorite bloggers, comedy and showbiz historian Kliph Nesterhoff.  you can find it here.

2- After an unplanned and unexplained break, the Hobo Record Club will be back tomorrow.

Now the questions:

Today feels like a good day for audience participation so if you have the time please answer one or both of the following questions:

1- If you have a blog or a website, where can I find it?
2- As of this moment what is your favorite blog (besides this one)?

Thanks for playing along, I’ll be back with hobo records tomorrow.



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45 responses to “Two Notes and Two Questions

  1. 1) You can find my blog at
    2) My favorite blog is probably John Scalzi’s Whatever, found at

    How’s that for speedy service?

  2. 1. My blog is at In Apprehension, where I put up my movie and book reviews and rant about the world if I’m in the mood for that.

    2. My other favorite blog is Mark Evanier’s News From Me. Evanier knows more about Hollywood than almost anyone and has some damn interesting stories about it and the comics industry.

  3. jen

    I took my blogger blog down after 6 years of debauchery, to save a relationship. I am no longer in that relationship, and I no longer have a blog. I occassionally blog on myspace because I’m soooo 2001.

    My second favorite blog outside of Mr. BTB’s is , who is a brilliantly funny friend of mine who has just moved from LA to NYC to work on the infamous Colbert Report. He’s just that good. :)

  4. Swirly Girl

    1.My blog is listed in your rec read, which I thank you for. I t used to be funnier before some people started demanding to know what I looked like and gave in.

    2.I don’t think I have a favorite blog. Not the way you’re talking about, I mean. I have favorite categorical blogs, but nothing I would rec to everyone all at once. Yeah I know, I’m boring and fair that way.

  5. 1. You know where to find me, but those of you who aren’t in the know….

    2. My current favorite, besides The Boy, is

  6. 1) As you already know, I blog at
    2) My right-this-second fave is Soulemama but I couldn’t possibly choose an all-the-time favorite. There is a REASON I still have no redone my blogroll. It is too HARD.

  7. 1-Well imagine how surprised and flattered I was to end up the in BetheBoy blog roll, but just in case anyone else wants to check it out:

    Honestly it’s a blog thats still looking for its identity, but thats neither here nor there.

    2- As for favorites: Obviously, The Anti Social Networking site and these two by good friends of mine is my friend Michael’s and he’s a great writer that I wish would write more and my friend Jen Wa who will never bore you. and sometimes she posts photos of her boobs.

  8. bokker

    1) I’m at
    2) I honestly couldn’t say what my favourite blog is- I can veer from love-crush to hate-crush of the same blog within a matter of days. I have to say though, that like a classic banana/strawberry smoothie, you can’t go wrong with old fave Dooce.

  9. 1. You can find me at .
    2. One of my favorite sites to read is . I wish she updated more, though.

  10. 1. My blog is <a href=””thirtysomething. I started it back in late fall of 2005 to keep my family and friends updated with The Wife’s & My adventures while we were living in England. Back then it was called “An American Vampyre in England” (a spin-off of “An American Werewolf in London” if you didn’t catch it.) Changed the name when we moved back to the States. Not to fond of the title now, but I have yet to come up with anything better.

    2. Do I have a favorite? I have a few that I read regularly. Mainly friends’ blogs & a few gadget/tech blogs. Check my links to see who I be readin’.

  11. crap. freakin wordpress no-editing comments MFCS.

    here’s the link:

  12. betheboy

    Thanks for all of the links so far. I’m checking them all.

  13. Still at –>

    Favorite blog of the moment is probably “I am Bossy” at:

  14. – irregularly updated with random pics or youtube videos, and occasional semi-coherent rambling.

    Fave, outside of BTB, is a toss up… I enjoy LA metblogs and blogs. is usually great, and lately I’ve been enjoying

  15. You already know my blog–Needs More Gingham–can be found at (because I used to ride the bus when I started the blog).

    I have a lot of favorite blogs but I’ll share this one It’s an eclectic blog about art, gadgets, and being green. Since there are several contributors, it’s updated many times a day.

  16. since you seem to be bored today…

    i used to write a lot, now not so much.

    no favs at the moment, i just like to see my google reader all lit up with bold print

  17. Liz

    I do have a blog, but I haven’t updated it in probably a year or more. So I guess I really don’t have a blog – which is why I am not going to give you the url.

    Favorite blog this week (besides BtB – of course) is She is a lot of fun and seems to be a lot like me.

  18. betheboy

    You guys are giving me so much great stuff to read.

  19. My website/blog:

    Still a work in progress, but only because I’ve been helping to set up my current most-read blog:


    As for favorite–there have to be tons of them. You all out there are fabulous writers. ;-)

  20. I have a blog. Sort of. If you call what I do blogging. Ex-Everything.

    I recently discovered this blog

    I have a huge – ha-uge- crush on him.

  21. ooh – I left one out (another daily comic):

  22. well my blog is and i am sponsoring a contest about crap where there are currently about 16 wrong guesses and no right ones. please everyone…come guess so i can declare a winner already. i am about to have to start giving hints!

    and i enjoy reading so many blogs…hm…a favorite…

  23. Kristen

    1. No personal blog of my own, but I manage a bunch of them for clients – most notably

    2. Cramper – by the prolific Camper English. Been reading him since 1997 and loving his Cocktail Cliques.

  24. barefoot jim

    I post, not nearly enough, along with some other folks, who post even less, at Medialoper.

    My favorite blog is probably What’s Alan Watching?

  25. 1. My blog and I are too boring to mention.

    2. One of my favorite blogs, that hasn’t already been mentioned, is (sometimes NSFW)

  26. 1. My blog is: but you already know that.

    2. Lately, I’m hooked on this:

  27. vintagecaveman

    1 .

    B. I actually have no favorite blogs, although I’m currently digging on:

  28. 1) My blog (along with 2 friends)

    2) My current favorite – don’t let the title fool you, it isn’t about weight loss:

    but I’ve also been loving

  29. ren

    i am a lazy blogger who rarely comments, but you can find me here:

    and i am currently fascinated by:

  30. 1.
    2. “top 5”,,,,

    gonna start a new one called catchy right? or i think during the live chat someone said now that is a genius idea.

  31. Paul

    Hmmm. next to you and your wife I enjoy

  32. Oh VCM – you flatter me so!

  33. Yes, I have a blog. It’s about me. Because I’m vain that way . It’s named appropriately.

    One of my favorite blogs (don’t make me pick, that’s not fair):

  34. You know my blog, SnarkyDork, even though it’s often barely there. I haven’t had time lately to read much of anything else.

  35. CSG

    1. . I don’t rant about snails.

    2., who I found thanks to you and the slack.

  36. 1. In addition to “The World According to Me”, my sister Chanel and I have a collaborative blog here: But please check out my recent post for a touching story about my first dog and my mom.
    2. Yours really is my favorite, which is why you’re my fake dad. But I also like this one. It’s an anthropology blog so I imagine it won’t appeal to anyone who’s not me.

  37. 1-
    2- — Sure I contribute to that blog, too. But not that often. It’s everyone else that’s so awesome there.

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