Our Discoversary Is Finally Here

There has been a lot of talk here lately about our Discoversary, or the day I first learned of the existence of the person I later married.  For clarification here is the full definition:

DISCOVERSARY – noun 1. The yearly recurrence of the day you first discovered the online presence of someone who has become an important part of your life: Our second discoversary is next month. 2. The celebration or commemoration of such a date.

-adjective 1. Pertaining to a discoversary: You should see the discoversary gift I got.

If you’re keeping score at home, yesterday marked two years to the day since I clicked a random series of links leading me to this blog and the girl who wrote it.  It’s a day worth celebrating.

UPDATE: For the record, here is what I was writing that day.  I wonder if this was the first post she saw.



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14 responses to “Our Discoversary Is Finally Here

  1. And how will you be celebrating? Or is that classified?

  2. betheboy

    Well Catherine, you probably noticed that the actual day was yesterday but I didn’t post until today so there may have been some celebration going on.

  3. Hooray! All the best for many more discoversaries to come.

  4. Were there tacos? I bet you celebrated with tacos.

  5. Happy Happy, Joy Joy!!! If you weren’t such nice people, I’d probably be nauseated at your utter cuteness together!

  6. Happy (belated) discoversary!

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  8. Andrew

    I played Disco Inferno and bowled Roy Munson style in your honor.

  9. I like this Discoversary. I was at first concerned there would be talk of disco. This is worlds better!

  10. Happy Discoversary. That’s not the date you became versed in all things Disco is it, because if so I must shun you.
    Kidding. Best to you and the Missis.

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