More Conversations From Our House

Tonight we had the “Is this what you expected” conversation again.

Slackmistress: Is this what you thought life would be like when you grew up?

Me: Yeah, this is pretty much exactly what I thought life would be like.

Slackmistress: Really, when you were a kid this is what you imagined?

Me: This is exactly it, except I thought I’d be able to ride my bike on the roof.

Slackmistress: Life is full of compromises that way.

For more conversations click here.

(The program from our wedding because not everything is a compromise)



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6 responses to “More Conversations From Our House

  1. Thought you’d be able to ride your bike on the roof (he-he).

  2. My life is pretty much what I thought it would be, except I work in publishing, instead of being a veterinarian/ballerina/chef/doctor/conductor (of both trains AND the orchestra).

  3. TheOtherWill

    It is nothing at all like I thought.
    I was promised my whole life flying cars by the year 2000 and it never came to be.
    Maybe they are scared of FWI’s,some drunk guy takes off the roof of your house,or at the very least knocks your antenna out of whack.

  4. I have almost everything except for the crushing my enemies under my boot heel part.

    (But that’s coming.)

  5. my life is nothing at all like i thought it would be. i thought i would be working in the record industry, living in a big city and driving a fantasic car. instead i work in radio (i.e. legalized slavery), live in a town thats small enough to fit in your apartment and drive a dodge neon. lol

  6. vintagecaveman

    Currently running at same life expectations I had 2 years ago.
    No more no less (except I don’t have robotic arms…yet).

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