Let’s Go On A Blog Vacation

Recently, The Slackmistress and I came up with our best idea since the day we got married. Ready to hear about it?

I think you can handle it so here goes….The Blog Vacation!

It makes perfect sense: We like blogging and we like taking time off of work so why not combine the two?

We’re still working out the details but we think The Blog Vacation will work something like this:

1-We pick a city where one or more bloggers we read lives, preferably a US city since we don’t have the money to travel overseas (and I haven’t got a passport).

2- We go to that city, see the sights and and meet you and the other bloggers who live there.

3- Finally, and maybe most importantly, we broadcast our live chat show from somewhere in that city, ideally from someones home complete with local bloggers as guests.

Of course we need to decide where to go first so if you have an opinion on where we should take a blog vacation let us know. Hopefully you’ll suggest your own city because you like us and not the furthest city from you. Come on, look at us, you know you want us in your town:

Keep in mind that we can only go to one city (at least for now) and this is not a contest to determine what we think is the best city with the best bloggers.  We will choose based mostly on where we can afford to go and where we can broadcast from.  We’d like to do this sometime in the near future so now is your chance to tell us where we should go and why we should go there.  You can tell me in the comments, blog about it or email me at betheboy AT gmail DOT com. The deadline for this is whenever we decide where to go.  We’ll keep you updated as we make our choice.



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50 responses to “Let’s Go On A Blog Vacation

  1. Joseph J. Finn

    Chicago in the fall is always a nice choice, especially during Indian Summer. Affordable hotels, good bars (we have Bells here again!), good folks, two baseball teams….it’s all good.

  2. I vote Santa Cruz, but otherwise the SF Bay Area I guess will do.

  3. TheOtherWill

    Well,you know you are always welcome here.
    Long Island New York,home of the infamous town of Copiague :)

  4. jen

    San Francisco! It’s close! It’s cheap to travel to! It’s fun!

    I don’t think I count though as I no longer blog. :(

  5. betheboy

    Jen – You absolutely matter.

  6. Well I’ve been saying you and the Slack and I should get drunk sometime. I have broadband and wi-fi and live at the beach three hours away. Itd be a bring your own webcam kind of a thing though, I don’t have one.

    although my neighborhood bar has wifi too. lol

  7. you know, i’m always going to vote for san francisco. and you always have free lodging here!

  8. New Orleans! Reasons:

    1. Drankin’! If you want to get some serious drinking on this is the place to do it. The French Quarter has bars within bars in a walkable area. They range from touristy traps to local joints. we even have a state cocktail, the Sazerac.

    2. Food! Holy crap, awesome food. You haven’t had real Louisiana food until you come here. (My stepdad came here on a job interview in the 60s, ate at a local place, and promptly accepted the job. No, I’m not kidding.) You can bounce from pizza to Cajun to Italian to Asian in one day. The only thing we kind of lack here is taco stands but I’m going to leave that to Los Angeles.

    3. History! Founded in 1718. Fought over by the Spanish, French, and British. Giant antebellum houses down St. Charles, architecture ranging from the 1800s to now all over. Lots of weird buildings and stories all over town.

    4. Music! We even play music during funeral processions. Tons of jazz musicians came from here, some are still here. You can find anything being played somewhere every night of the week.

    5. Fairly inexpensive! For some reason, NOLA is a great weekend trip place. Food and lodging is fairly inexpensive and if you have a local (like, oh I don’t know, me) to give you suggestions even better. That and your awesome $$$ always helps after Katrina. The more people that come here and see us, the better. :)

    6. PARTY! Doug/Bizzaro and I would like to invite you to our wedding in March of next year. It’s on a Saturday night but wraps up about 10pm. Nerd wedding, free food and open bar. Having you guys there would be icing on the cake (hah, get it, cake). It might kind of cut into your broadcasting plans but it would still be awesome to see you nonetheless.

    Or if you decide to come here before then you could broadcast from our apartment. We have multiple computers and microphones.

  9. Doesn’t get much better than the Big Easy. I’ve got a pull out sofa bed with your name on it.

    Or I could recommend some great hotels.


  10. betheboy

    First Karen – Now THAT is the kind of response we’re hoping for AND, don’t think you’re not on the list.

    Second Karen – Your presence only makes New Orleans more appealing.

    So many good cites, so many good bloggers. This might require multiple trips.

  11. Look at that. 2 Karen’s. 2 votes for New Orleans.

    I think it’s settled.

  12. I don’t live there, but I also vote for New Orleans.

    I think you should go somewhere where people might have a different accent, different references, general differentness… and really, how different can you get that Louisiana? They live in parishes! It’s like a whole ‘nother country!

  13. TheOtherWill

    New Orleans is great.
    I had a terrific time there.
    Ask Karen ,but I’m pretty sure something big goes down during Oct/Nov there too that is’nt as well know as Mardi Gras but I heard from the locals it’s much better.

  14. I second Santa Cruz, but you know I am always down for San Francisco for purely selfish reasons.

    Other ideas include:
    Pismo Beach
    Salt Lake City (the hilarity!)

  15. A second Karen blogger in NOLA? Awesome. :D

  16. Off topic – Karen (knaphrodesiac) I’m totally adding you to my blogroll.

  17. @Liat this pismo beach you speak of is like 5 miles from where i live. i live in avila beach. :)

  18. isn’t it great to see people…err, Karens coming together on the Internet?

  19. betheboy

    Chris – It’s a big Karen party up in here.

  20. Y’all are so cute. Come to Boulder.

  21. I think the SF contingent isn’t putting a ton of work into our answers because y’all KNOW we’re awesome. But here are some reasons:
    1. You can meet Jack.
    2. You can meet Trevor the mysterious. You may have met him at your last visit, but I don’t know that you got to talk to him.
    3. Food food food galore.
    4. Evidently you can stay for free with UM.
    5. I am here. And so is Nomi.

  22. VEGAS.

    It’s a close drive from LA, the hotels are practically giving away rooms right now (especially midweek), and there are surprisingly a variety of activities to do here off-Strip.

  23. greg

    another vote for SF…heck they practically issue everyone a blog who moves here, and you could come out to the Blackthorn, the unofficial home of the N Judah Chronicles!

  24. These are all great cities but no one has mentioned SEATTLE which is awesome in its own right and right now is in the midst of its perfect weather season. And there are a lot of cool bloggers up here (cough, cough).

    But San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, Las Vegas are all fantastic. It’ll be a tough choice!

  25. Joseph J. Finn

    Plus, if you come to Chicago you can see President Obama’s house!

  26. vintagecaveman

    I would support my city, but:
    -There is only one blogger that lives here and his name is Caveman
    -I live in a tiny apartment that barely fits me…
    -There are no sights…

    Hey…lobster is $4.50 a pound. (That’s gotta at least put me on the “If hell freezes over list”)

  27. Caroline

    Of course, you’ve done NYC, but you could do an “East Coast Tour” – NYC, Philly, Balitmore, DC… cover a whole bunch of bases with that!

  28. I just feel I need to defend my city since I am appalled at it’s lack of presence on this list.


    -Our sports teams KICK ASS!

    -It’s a nerd haven! With Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Berklee etc. we’re intellectual assholes. There are amazing museums, libraries, etc.

    -I’ve been told that we’re all ugly out here. So there’s nothing like a good confidence boost!

    -History buff? Yeah, the country kinda got it’s start here. And we still have people that dress up in that garb! (they’re great to make fun of)

    -Booze! We like alcohol….a lot! There’s never a shortage of open bars. It’s cold you have to keep warm somehow.

    -REAL seafood

    -You may even be blessed with a Kennedy Sighting!

    -You get to drive like a complete asshole; lines, lights, signs, all merely decorations to add some color to the city in the winter.

    -If you come around Halloween, you can head up to Salem which puts on the BEST Halloween party EVER!

    -We talk ridiculous (also great to make fun of!)

    -The music scene is pretty fucking awesome. I swear Aerosmith is a poor representation.

    -By the end of your vacation you’ll be so sick to death of our asshole attitude and weather, you’ll be glad to make it back home. Which is always the best part of vacations.

  29. mle

    It looks like you’ve got a lot of votes for SF and NOLA, but if you’re ever interested in visiting Denver the Superhero and I will put you guys up, or at least show you the best place in town to get ice cream, take you to Buffalo Bill’s grave, and ply you with all the fabulous microbrewed beer you can handle. We’ve even got Casa Bonita (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casa_Bonita) here, which has indoor cliff divers and terrible Mexican food and all-you-can-eat sopaipillas.

    Plus, the altitude will make you a cheap drunk.

  30. You should come to Albuquerque, New Mexico.


    1. I can’t think of a single word that rhymes with Albuquerque.

    2. Some people will think you’ve actually you went to Mexico when you regale them with your vacation stories.

    3. We have awesome green chili.

    4. Think of how much fun you’ll have telling each other “I must have made a wrong turn at Albuquerque” Bugs Bunny jokes.

    5. If it was good enough for Weird Al to write a song about, it’s got to be a fun city.

    6. If you plan your days right, you can actually re-enact the Weird Al song mentioned above.

    7. You can visit me! I’m so super keen, what other reason do you need?

  31. I should warn all y’all:

    1. Chicago is tough because SlackFam lives out thereabouts, so any trip back to the Midwest will be 99% family time. They’re like the mafia that way.

    2. While I love seafood with every fiber of my being, will thinks it tastes like cancer, and will not even come near me after I eat it. Like, I have to brush my teeth/gargle/floss. When they talk about compromises in marriage, this is what they talk about. I haven’t been out for sushi in nearly two years. Advertising seafood is a sure way to get him to cross it off the list. (But it’ll be our secret. No, really!)

    3. I love Vegas, but we cannot spend significant time there unless we have money to burn. I’ll let Will explain that one.

  32. betheboy

    Following up The Slackmistress – The same goes for NY as that is where my family lives. We love them so much that if we’re in town almost all of our time will be spent with family.

    As for seafood it will not keep me from going to a town just from eating while I’m there.

    Vegas requires a lot of money AND we already have plans to attend a wedding in Vegas this fall (in case you wanna come see us).

  33. Jax

    Please come to Boston…

    but if you go to New Orleans, let me know if it’s in October, as I’ll be there at the end of the month!

  34. I’m gonna laugh if you end up back on Long Island.

  35. vintagecaveman

    I could possibly make it down for Boston..

  36. Houston, Houston, Houston!

    I’ll mimic the five from the Uber site.

    1. We have sports: Football, Baseball, and Basketball. (I’m still working on getting an NHL team but not being a billionaire is working against me)
    2. Food. The highest number of restaurants per capita. And I know all the places that are cheap and great!
    3. It’s in a great geographic location, only 40 miles from the beach!
    4. NASA. That’s a nerdgasm unto itself.
    5. Cinchy, TxGowan and ME! Hello?!?! It’s three fans in one city. And, I’m sure there are more readers in the Houston closest ready to pop out.

  37. holy motherfucking retarded jesus.

    i would love to have you two come on down and set up the show up in the piglet crib, but i’m betting it’s too far south.

    i’m right outside of charlotte, nc which is a hopping metropolis of mayhem. with a lot of banks.

  38. How about North Hollywood!?!!!!

    –Close to home=easy drive/not much gas.

    –3 canine bloggers for you to meet!

    –There are 6 Starbucks within walking distance to my house, but one is a drive-thru if we’re feeling lazy.

    –Hot tub in the back yard (how cool would it be to do your drunken video thing from a hot tub?!)

    Okay, I’ll stop being ridiculous…it sounds like you have some excellent and fun choices!

  39. Myra

    Bah.. No international? No Toronto?


  40. I’m with Piglet. I could show up in CLT. :)

    I would offer Charleston if you want to wait until December. Twins will have been born months before, and the family(s) will have left, and the carriage house will be done so you won’t actually have to hear babies crying in the night. ;) But yet, you’d still be staying “with us”.

    For Free.
    w/ broadband.
    & Guitar Hero
    & Great food for you AND nina

    Think of it as your own apartment in my backyard. Rent Free.

  41. Did I mention the carriage house is separate from the main house? :P

  42. Nashville

    Cheap to stay
    Interesting entertainment choices
    Great southern hospitality
    Lots of cool bloggers

  43. Dude, great idea. I did that, but the opposite way — in my first couple of years of blogging, a dozen other bloggers came to LA. Maybe it was for the weather, Grumman’s Chinese Theatre or Universal Studios, but I like to think it was to see me. And my blog-baiting ways.

    Yes, I will be linking to my site in the comments every day from now on. Your blog coattails are comfy.

  44. I probably wouldn’t be a good host, so you’d have to find someone to be charming and around and stuff. But minus me, Seattle is pretty awesome. There’s a big silly music scene, it’s close to california but far enough to be interesting. The weather is always neat. The food is good and silly. People are crazy in a neat way. There’s pike place market- tourists (and locals) like that and a lot of ferrys, and great bars. and… it’s small? Oh i’m bad at sells… this sounds mediocre, but seriously. it’s good stuff.

  45. NYC, obvs! I’ll try to be in town this time.

  46. fungol

    I vote for SF, though if you went with San Luis Obispo/Avila/Pismo, I’d probably come down.

  47. Awww, I’m very sad that you will not be traveling overseas. I would have loved to host you in Bangkok!! However, I will be moving back to Boston in a little under a year, so I must chime in with the pro-Boston comments!!!

  48. i vote for houston as well. and while i am currently living in turkey i will be moving back to houston in november. and since i have missed all of the video chats due to the time difference i would so love to be at one live! that would be awesome!

    but new orleans is great too. i was born there.

  49. Chicago, of course silly! :)

  50. Hi there, really great post. Thanks for sharing!

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