More About My Brother

Since I blogged about my brother earlier I have been asked by a few people about another story involving the two of us.  So, by request here is the story of me, my brother Mike and police officer who may not have been there.

Beating the System

My brother Mike and I were in my car one Spring night back home, I was driving down Route 107 on Long Island when we got pulled over for a busted taillight. Making matters worse I didn’t have my insurance on me so I’m getting two tickets. There was no point in arguing as both are fix-it tickets, replace the taillight and show proof of insurance and it’s all done with no problem.

As we wait for the officer to return with the tickets my brother points out that we’re stopped in front of a cemetery and says;

“Wait… this is a ghost cop, he’s probably buried in that graveyard over there and his spirit wanders the highway… He needs to do this till he reaches a certain number  of tickets so his soul can rest”.

I laugh, but when the officer comes back with my tickets my brother tells him; that he hopes he one day issues the ticket that will get him into heaven.

I just take the tickets, put them in the glove compartment and forget about them.

A few months later I’m cleaning out the car and I find the tickets, I had of course never paid. Nobody ever sent me a notice and I even renewed my license without a problem. It must have just slipped through the cracks and been forgotten.

Four years pass and one day I get a notice that my license had been suspended for the two unpaid tickets from that night. Somehow after all this time they have turned up and while I did get the tickets fair and square I don’t even have that car anymore, plus after four years I figured I was in the clear.

I show up in court and get called over to meet with the assistant DA and I tell him.

“Yes I got these tickets but I was under the impression that the cop was a ghost so I didn’t have to pay them. My brother told me that ghost tickets don’t count.”

The assistant DA, probably amused that I came up with something he hadn’t heard before dismissed the tickets and sent me on my way. Let this be a lesson to you, should you end up in traffic court you may want to try the ghost cop defense, it worked for me.



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6 responses to “More About My Brother

  1. the betheboy family stories are always the best. :)

  2. Does your brother wear a helmet?

  3. betheboy

    Like the kind they wear on the short bus? Not last time I checked.

  4. vintagecaveman

    Wow, that was beautiful…

  5. How do we know this isn’t a ghost blog? Seriously I never pay for this either.

    If you have the power to suspend my license in 4 years I will believe.

  6. Nice. I talked my way out of a ticket once, but I used the I’m stupid defense, not the I’m crazy one, which is much much better.

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