I Don’t Think I Like This, Davey

This blog has been around for a long time, nearly five years, and in that time I’ve developed some inside blog jokes that only make sense to people who have been reading for a while. However I realize some of you may have just started reading so from time to time I like to stop and give some back story. Today’s back story involves Davey and Goliath, one of my brothers and poor nutrition.

Every now and then someone, usually my friend Paul, will mention Davey and Goliath and a stick of butter in the comments, Paul in fact did so today but I don’t expect anyone to know why. The reference stems from something my brother and I did as kids. Back when I was around six and he was about four years old we’d get up before dawn on Saturday mornings and watch the test pattern on the TV until cartoons came on. We called the test pattern the Boo Show because we’d try to replicate the tone by standing in front of the TV saying Booooooo! until we couldn’t breathe. Eventually Davey and Goliath would come on and by that time we’d be be hungry from all the Boooooooooing we had been doing so we’d eat what we considered a healthy breakfast of a stick of butter with ketchup.

In retrospect, that was pretty gross. Luckily we stopped doing this shortly afterwards. Here we are with our sister in a picture taken about a year later. As you can see we are not obese:

Here’s another story about my brother and I. Back when I still lived in New York he once showed up from out of state unexpectedly and said:

“Long time no see, I got a court date so I’m in town for a few days”
-“OK, well what do you want to do?”
“Lets go get some drinks”
-“It’s 10 am”
“I know, we’re getting a late start”

We spent most of that day drinking gin and tonics with a break for tequila mixed with Tabasco sauce. At the end of the day I laid down in my car to sleep it off and he said “see you later”. Later didn’t happen for nine years but when I saw him again he said:

“Remember getting up to watch the Boo Show and Davey and Goliath”

– Yeah, you got any butter?

“Yeah but not the right pajamas”

And now you know.



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8 responses to “I Don’t Think I Like This, Davey

  1. bongo

    sorry, this is off-topic, but i must ask if this was you:


  2. betheboy

    No Bongo, I wish I thought of that idea.

  3. Burn

    Fascinating, incredibly hilarious, and not a little gross. I have to say I threw up a little bit in my mouth. LOL

    It’s beautiful tidbits like these that make me so happy I found your blog.

  4. I have a crush on your family.

  5. swirly74

    I remember when you told this story. Or just the court date part. It still makes me sad.

  6. robdb

    I thought I was the only kid who used to eat butter! Though I couldn’t imagine a whole stick, much less with ketchup. Generally I’d get one of those big spoons and grab a scoop and just nibble. nom nom nom

    Today, my thoughts on this practice are “ew”.

  7. betheboy

    Let me make it clear that it was one stick each, not one between the two of us. That is a lot of butter.

  8. @illuminato

    I digress.

    Not that I’m intentionally adding to the occasion of when comments/commenters take on a life of their own outside of the original topic, but I have to say…

    Bongo, would that guy call himself “Private Dick?”

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