A Little Thanks and a Little Pimpin’

Thanks again to everyone who participated in last night’s chat. We’ve been having a great time hosting the chat thanks to your participation. Without you it would just me The Slackmistress and I talking into a camera. We appreciate you spending some time with us.

Since you guys have been so good to us I’d like to take a moment to promote a few of my fellow bloggers, because it’s good to see blog pals doing well.

1-Tomas over at Make.See.Eat.Do has written a movie that’s premiering on MTV tomorrow. Yup, a friend of this blog wrote American Mall which you can watch on MTV starting tomorrow. I’m going to tune every TV in the house to it tomorrow and while this is the first time I’ll have seen MTV in many, many years I’m happy to do it to support of a very good guy. Besides I’m sure MTV is exactly the way I remember it…I hope they are still playing Bust a Move all the time. Check out Make.See.Eat.Do for more details.

2- When The Sneeze isn’t wildly speculating about my health he’s leading the best fake band on the Internet, The Tree Brains. You may already know that Tree Brains mugs are on the way. The Sneeze has posted a sneak peek at the design over at his site. They look awesome, take a look for yourself.

Thanks again for playing along with us.



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4 responses to “A Little Thanks and a Little Pimpin’

  1. Okay.. I will link to all. But I won’t say I’m not confused.

    And do they let 39 year olds on MTV? Will I be kicked off? I mean I did event the damn channel.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Burn

    Is it weird that the “possibly related” section linked your post to this:


    To be fair, it DID say “possibly related”. One of these days I’m gonna have to get on the much-hyped bethemarriageonice thing. Damn the corporate powers that be for making me work late into saturday nights. *sigh

  3. Hey, I can’t believe I missed this. Next time I won’t go out of the country for a whole month. Just catching up on reading your old posts. I also need to change my link so that it’s not still the old blogspot site!

  4. The one Saturday night I was in (not by choice…I had three social events, but also a fever) and I thought maybe I’d check this chat thing out. I’m a little unsure and intimidated as I don’t think I’m cool enough for it, but mustered up the courage. And guess what…I kid you not…E can back me up…our DSL went out.

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