Chat Recap # 8

In case you’ve never seen one of our chats and would like to know what it’s like, or you’ve seen it and just want to relive it let me tell you a little something about what went on last night during chat number 8.

We covered all of the important news: The screening of Clone Wars, the Alex Trebek party van, Gay Porn Rick, union membership, blog vacations and rumors about my health. That last thing was started by The Sneeze who insists that I recently had gastric bypass or some other similar procedure. I think he was kidding but I assure you that I am gaining weight at a prodigious rate. However, to defend myself I did the only thing I could do, show my scar. The scar has become something of the unexpected money shot of these chats. Every week I say I won’t show it and every week, after enough people as me to, I do. Last night Ms. Ex Everything even got a screenshot of it which I am sharing with you here (go to her blog to see it in its original awesome context).

More on all of this later. In the meantime the chat is archived here.

Special thanks to those who played along with us last night, including but not limited to: The Sneeze, vintage caveman, Ex Everything, illuminato, DVL and family, Art who somehow booted from the server (we’re trying to fix that), Cindy and her sister, sevenlies and Doug, txgowan, the letterkae (who joined us for a snack afterwards, Lisa, Daily Piglet, the other Nina, jaybushman, The Daily Randi, Redjade, Pagne, October-Red, WriterJax, Tofu, Desireedevine, rroobbed, James , L.Bo Marie, Swirlygirl, Nita and Christopr. I’m probably forgetting others, if I’ve left you off the list it’s only because you may not have signed in or I can’t remember everyone and until we create a registry for users I am just thanking you based on my sleep deprived memory. if I’ve left you off the list, please tell me so I can correct my mistake.



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8 responses to “Chat Recap # 8

  1. I loved last night. I was laughing my ass off most of the time. Everyone who stops by your blog or Nina’s needs to watch the show.

  2. Such a good night :) Can’t wait for week nine!

  3. Looks like I missed quite the show!

  4. lol, I was there.. but it took me friggin’ forever to figure out how to sign in-and hardly typed anything- I blame the whiskey.
    Also… I went by Elbowmarie just to confuse things.

  5. dvl

    good times, friends. ♥

  6. Jax

    thanks so much for the link-love. I showed up toward the end – 1 or 2 am eastern time. We’d been entertaining a friend from Austria all night, and I was not half in the bag. I was entirely in the bag, thrashing around drunkenly. So, if I all I typed was ‘eegghblghhmmfgh,’ thanks to all for staying my Virtual Friends! ;)

  7. swirly74

    You totally left me off. But I think I’ll live another day.

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