Notes for a Thursday

1- Since I don’t write about sports very often I don’t think people realize what a big Jets fan I am, just ask my wife what I am like on Sundays during the NFL season, I’m a very big fan.  As I mentioned last night I am optimistic about the Brett Favre situation, but as a Jets fan I’m prepared for the worst.  Me and bad times with the Jets go back a long way including this old story about me, The Jets and a Gold Glove first basemen called Heroes and Villains and Women’s Clothing.

2- Some follow up on The Hobo Record Club, I posted about the latest delivery last night but there’s one thing to add.  Recently, the lovely and talented Urban Mermaid recently sent us this:

In case you can’t tell, that is a pack of candy cigarettes standing in front of a robot.  Yup we now own fabulous Hobo brand candy cigarettes.  They are hobo coffee flavored too.  Of course I’m torn because I quit smoking five months ago.  Are Hobo candy smokes a gateway smoke?  Will pretending to smoke lead to sweet candy coated lung cancer?  I’m afraid to find out.  That said, I’m patting myself on the back on five months of not smoking.

3- If you havent’t checked out my wife’s Antisocial Networking now whould be a great time to start.  She’s recently added some new authors to the staff and they are really bringing their best geek game.

4- Once again I find myself getting a lot of visits based on keyword searches for a song called “Maybe”.  This happens from time to time, specifically people are looking for a version of “Maybe”  by a woman named Jill Read who turned out to be the legendary Dave Edmunds.  I wrote about the song before it became know that the she singing was actually a he and I’ve wondered if the fact that it’s a product of studio trickery diminishes the song in any way.  I’ve decided that it does not.  The original post can be found here and I’ve updated the file links in it so you can download the songs (for now at least).



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9 responses to “Notes for a Thursday

  1. Five months! That’s awesome. And to think it was just that fucking appendix making you do it.

  2. I downloaded the song from eMusic after I read the original post:

    And congrats on five months w/no smokes! I’m closing in on five years, myself. (Which isn’t me boasting – it’s more in the way of moral support.)

  3. betheboy

    @Chia – That’s where I got it too, isn’t it a great song?

  4. I’m so glad my husband is not into sports. My entire family is otherwise (Giants though, not Jets) and I was so happy to get away from that. It was actually an “if you can’t beat ’em join ’em” kind of thing and I was into sports as a kid. When I went away to college and had no tv, I realized I didn’t miss it at all.

  5. Stacy

    Just in case you aren’t aware, you write the best damn stories about your childhood. I read your blog every day at lunch (hooked up through the sneeze a million years ago – mr. non-post now) and just about every time I read one of the childhood stories I have to put my food down b/c I’m so friggin’ moved. Can’t wait until you write a book.

  6. Tag

    Okay, as the world’s biggest Packer fan and subsequently Favre fan the drama has been much to bare. Or as a famous man once said, “It would appear the strain was more than he could bare.” Somehow I remain standing unlike Johnny Ringo.

    I’m simply glad the drama is over. I wish Brett the best and still miss him greatly. Just ask TC how I get whenever Brett comes on the TV in that cell phone commercial and says “hello”. That being said I think he is in for some tough days. Jets are ran by a defensive coach and his WR’s are a bunch of no name kids. I will say this from an ex-athlete point of view though, sometimes we need a hard knocks season to finally give up the game.

    It is never easy regardless.

  7. I wish I could go five MINUTES without cupcakes. Well done on fighting the nicotine cravings, Will. I am impressed.

  8. Although I’ve read that these were discontinued in ’97 my bff’s and I were ‘smoking’ these well into highschool ( There was also a cowboy cigg for boys I believe but we didn’t ‘smoke’ those because they were for boys and we were girls. Both of my bff’s smoke now, by the way, so I’d definitely say they were a gateway smoke. I never cared much for the chalky taste, i think it is the only thing that spared me. You be careful with those hobo ones- they look pretty cool.

  9. Last night on ESPN’s bottom ticker: NFL Preseason, The Olympics, Brett Favre.

    Really? Brett Favre’s as big a deal as the Olympics? How does one man get his own spot on the ticker?

    (If you can’t tell, I’m a little tired of hearing about it)

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