More Conversations From Our House

There are probably times when my wife is very happy to be married to me but I suspect that the following conversation was not one of those times:

Nina: OMG, there’s a

Me: Yeah, It’s where I go to look at… BABES!

(A full minute later, once I stopped laughing at my own joke)

Nina: For the record I’m laughing AT you, not with you.

Pssh, I thought it was pretty funny.

For more conversation from our house click here (this one has a song).

(Remember kids, the mythical Paul Bunyan had a blue ox named Babe but if I have to explain the joke it may not be so funny)



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4 responses to “More Conversations From Our House

  1. betheboy

    I’m sure no one but me finds this amusing.

  2. I found YOU amusing. Isn’t that what makes a marriage?

  3. Hey Will, I’m with you on this one. Sorry, Slack!

  4. I got it. And that’s my kind of humor.

    I frequently laugh alone.

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