Chat Recap #7 – Surprise Party Edition

Last night The Slackmistress and I got on camera for the seventh week in a row for The BetheMarriage Live (On Ice) video chat. We had stories to tell about earthquakes, family, parties and cupcakes and there was a chartroom full of awesome people waiting to play along with us.

Things got off to a rocky start, first when we went live at 8 pm Pacific Time I was alone. My wife was off raiding our secret stash of delicious cupcakes (made by Hilary) but she made it to our makeshift set a minute later and we got rolling. The audience participation was as always brilliant* and we managed to make it through nearly two hours of stories.

(A few viewers I noticed saying awesome things in the chat room: vintage caveman, gregbarnett, illuminato, Art who was celebrating a birthday, Neil from Citizen of the Month, Clay, Aliastaken, Cindy and her sister, sevenlies, the letterkae, DocWho who may have registered a domain about my wenis, Daily Piglet, Connie, MyraB, the other Nina, Monkeytrousers and others who I am probably leaving off out of forgetfulness)

If things were a little off last night there’s a good reason, earlier that day we had thrown a surprise bridal shower for our friends The Daily Randi and Mike. The combination of tiredness, excessive consumption of champagne and the sugar coma induced by those delicious, delicious cupcakes made us both want to pass out before we even turned the camera on. That said, the show still had its moments, including:

1- The pimping and on camera eating of cupcakes made by Hilary.

2- My party planning duties (finish beer in fridge to make room for food).

3- An explanation of why people call me Sam.

4- A shout out to Jenny, The Bloggess who is 17 kinds of awesome and who linked to me in her Good Mom/Bad Mom column today. (Thanks, Jenny, that was very awesome of you.)

There are clips of the show archived here, we’ll be back for more next week.  (There’s about a 30 second lag before the video kicks in on the first part.)

P.S. – Did we mention that the cupcakes were awesome and that Nanette was also at our house yesterday?



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18 responses to “Chat Recap #7 – Surprise Party Edition

  1. I missed not being there last but we were out of town partying with friends in Dallas!

    I’m glad you had lots of fun and got to enjoy Hil’s cupcakes. I really need to talk her into sending me some. (BTW, I’ve had breakfast with Hil in Houston – I make the same offer to the two of you as well!)

  2. Cindy Carney or CC

    You forgot to mention all the great talk about the Flinstones etc.
    As ususal BeTheMarriage is the hottest thing to do on a Saturday nite, heck on any night for that matter.

    I’m going to make cupcakes today.

  3. i wanted to hang out longer last night in your chat but i was teh drunk too and using the keyboard got too hard. plus my giggling was drowning out my boyfriends round of GTA4.

  4. Glad you guys enjoyed them, and thanks for the pimping (pimpage?). I’ll take this time to say if any of your readers/viewers would like to give me money to open a bakery, that would be really awesome.

  5. It was a lot of fun! You guys are like the Donny and Marie of the 21st century.

  6. Some day I may catch your chat show. Last night though, Flight of the Conchords live at Largo took priority. Sorry. I can’t get enough of those Kiwis.

  7. So that’s Why There Was No Beer….


  8. Dogmom

    I personally was starving for those cupcakes, that was my first visit to your chat…now I have a new plan for my saturday nights! Thanks to my sis Cindy for sending me the link..

  9. betheboy

    thanks for watching everyone, we’re sorry to cut it short but we were exhausted after a long long day. Same time next week.

  10. Ok I added the show to my google calendar so I can’t forget what day of the week it is anymore.

  11. Thanks for being such an awesome host! I had a ton o’ fun!

  12. my only “complaint” would be that i couldn’t have a cupcake. otherwise you two were awesome, tired or not.

    as they say in podunk, mississippi “the show must go on”.


    Oh wait, yes I can.

    Thanks to those who showed up, a fie on those who didn’t, and we love you all the same. (And Dogmom, it’s better when we’re not so beat!)

  14. I love Saturdays with The Will and The Nina :)

  15. 9a

    Yay, shout-out! Sorry I was late to the event, Patrick and I went out for dinner here in central time land. (Which someday I want you and him to meet so there can be intense talk of punk/dead boys, sugar, alex chilton, ramones etc.)

    … still think it is funny that The Nina didn’t get my little spelling thingy w/my name pronunciation sig! (But then she also says fack, ha ha … just kidding!) Moi hearts the Slackmistress.


    See you next week?! …

  16. Andrew

    Very upset to hear that I missed out on the “Sam” portion of the evening. I spent years addressing e-mails to you as Sam/Will/Samm-o/etc. because BGUB refused to give me the explanation.

  17. Missed things live (disappointed), saw it as a Sunday rerun. Great stuff.

    Willsam, I was a Betty fan. But I was more the Penelope Pitstop guy, and wasn’t bothered when my sister made us watch Josie and the Pussycats.

    I too had a name issue in kindygarden. I was always Ricky. Was rather a shocked to find out I was really Frederick Aloysius Hasney III. (ouch)
    Aloysius = playground ass kickin’

  18. swirly74

    So I’ve been sick since Saturday. So I’m catching up today. And I don’t know if it’s the tiredness or whatever, but I could have SWORN that the first line of this entry went like this: “Last night The Slackmistress and I got it on camera for the seventh week in a row for The BetheMarriage Live (On Ice) video chat.”

    And then I was all: wtf? There was free vid sex and I missed it? Crap!

    Then I re-read and realized it was just my stupid head just filling in blanks.

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