Mommy!! I Dressed Myself

Happy Friday everyone, my day got off to an outstanding start.

I left the house a little early, stopped for coffee, then stopped at the store to pick up Motrin for my aching neck and finally I picked up my carpool co-worker.  At no point did any of the 7 people I talked to this morning, including my wife, tell me that my shirt was inside out. Thanks everybody, way to look out for me (although to be fair my wife was sleeping and the room was dark).

Did they think I did it on purpose or did they fear I was retarded and might unleash my retard strength on them for pointing out my shirt problems?



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21 responses to “Mommy!! I Dressed Myself

  1. fuckpants

    ive gone to work with a shirt on backwards before (damn taggless tank tops!)

  2. They thought you were making a cool new fashion statement. Just go with it!

  3. Dude, your shirt is inside-out.

  4. Holy crap, are we old enough that Kriss Kross is RETRO?

  5. When I was in Jr. High, it became the fashion for girls of a certain clique to wear their shirts inside-out during gym class. I discovered it was a fashion when I, helpfully, pointed out to one of said girls that her shirt was inside-out.

    She gave me one of those withering, up-and-down, God-how-can-you-be-so-ugly-and-stupid-and-talking-to-me looks and said, “I know.” Her friends tittered. I was crushed.

    So that’s why I didn’t say anything. Because I thought you were doing it on purpose, and I didn’t want to be humiliated.

    Oh, that and, I didn’t actually see you this morning.

  6. Was it a button down shirt? Cause that’d be awesome. And amazing.

  7. betheboy

    Not a button up, a polo. Obviously I left the buttons at the top undone.

  8. Jim

    A few weeks ago, I got all the way to work (a 45-min commute at best) before I realized that my left shoe was a black Chuck Taylor lowtop and my right shoe was a blue Chuck Taylor lowtop.

  9. Jim, I dated a guy in college who did that one day, and then started doing it on purpose every day, just so no one ever questioned him.

  10. what kind of shirt are we talking about here – a t-shirt? was there a flappy tag sticking out?

    in that case, i think they may have been mocking you silently behind your flappy-tagged back.


  11. betheboy

    Sarcomical- Floppy tag, inside out collar and seams showing.

  12. oh, a polo. (didn’t see that before.)

    hmm…you may want to try out Mace Elaine’s ex-boyfriend’s theory. make it look like you’re starting a trend.

    Inside-Out Fridays.

  13. I was just shocked you were wearing short sleeves.

  14. betheboy

    I had a jacket in the car for when I entered the building. The long sleeves are only for the entrance.

  15. i’m going with fear of your super retard strength.

    as well, my son wears something of his backwards every day. people always point it out and he tells them he did it on purpose. could very well be a fashion trend, i mean i’ve seen worse.

  16. I used to wear sweatshirts inside-out on purpose. And mismatched socks. Oh, what a fashion icon. I can see doing it with a t-shirt, but a polo? That’s weird, even retarded.

  17. melissa

    I think “unleash my retard strength” is the best phrase I’ve ever heard. Nice!

  18. swirly74

    The ONLY time I’ve ever mis-dressed like that, it was because I was in a hurry to get away before the guy woke up.

    But I’ve walked out with mis-matched shoes all the time. So much so, that I have to keep a spare pair of shoes in the car to correct the issue

    And I still can’t believe no one said anything to you, though.

  19. I think that retard strength is one of the great mysteries of the universe; that and their apparent imperviousness to cold.

    Retards: Earths TRUE Superheroes.

  20. betheboy

    HeyJoe, you may be on to something there.

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