Cover Me Again

Every now and then someone will do a keyword search that will pull up something I wrote years earlier. When I see this has happened I’ll go back and reread the post. Usually I’m horrified by something I said or did but every once in a while I see something and say to myself…”That’s not so bad”. Here’s a post from 2005 that some random Google search pulled up today. I forgot all about it but I laughed when I saw it today. Remember, it you’ve forgotten it (or didn’t read me then) it’s a new post.

Cover Me (From July 2005)

This morning on my drive to work I heard it advertised that a local event would feature several tribute bands. In case you have never seen one, a tribute band covers songs by one band. To be a tribute band you need three things.

1-A name that refers to the band you are covering, for example: Beatlemania, Led Zep-Again etc…
2- Passing resemblance to the band members or the ability to dress like them

Most Importantly

3- The public needs to be familiar with the bands work

Keeping the third rule in mind I was surprised to hear that one of the bands performing was a Gin Blossoms tribute band. I assume they play a short set. Actually they could probably bill themselves as the actual Gin Blossoms and no one would know the difference. I think other musicians should following this lead and start tribute bands for one and two hit wonders. Here are some possibilities:

Fine Young Copycats -A tribute to the Fine Young Cannibals
The Funky Cold Medinas-A tribute to Ton-Loc
Super Bowl Shufflers-A tribute to the 1985 Chicago Bears
The New Child Pornographers- A tribute to Gary Glitter

Feel free to suggest other one hit wonder tribute bands in the comments.



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8 responses to “Cover Me Again

  1. “The New Child Pornographers”

    Oh, the google searches you’ll get from that…

  2. pacolongisland

    Gause Pads – a tribute to Band-Aid

  3. pacolongisland

    sorry meant Gauze Pads

  4. betheboy

    Jenny – I already get google hits based on the term Vagina Papaer Cup and Midget Poker so I look forward to the new ones.

    Paco- The Gauze Pads could be a seasonal tribute band, just for Do they Know it’s Christmas. Also, they would be the largest tribute band ever.

  5. I’d like to see a Goo Goo Dolls cover band. They might actually be better than the real Goo Goo Dolls.

  6. Kings of Rock – Run DMC cover band
    Men with Midgets – Men Without Hats cover band
    Korn on the Kob – Korn cover band
    Andrew Ridgeley – WHAM! cover band
    I was writing a joke about a Weird Al cover band and I’ll be damned that I found a forum post looking for a bassist for their band.
    Nothing and I say NOTHING will ever beat Mini-Kiss.

  7. Are you trying to fool us by recycling an old blog? You hack.

  8. I did lol, by the way. But you’re still a hack.

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