Return of The Hobo Record Club

As many of you know I’m in a Hobo Record Club, it’s called Columbia Houseless and it involves homeless travelers delivering records to my house. I got tricked into it (the details are here) and there’s no way out of it so I pretty much just have to dig the hobo rock until my commitment is up (12 records for a penny and then 4 more at steep hobo prices).

In the few weeks I’ve been in this club I’ve learned the tell-tale signs of a delivery. The dog hides under the table and everything gets really quiet…then you start to hear noises coming from outside, sometimes it’s a harmonica being played, or someone is chopping wood for two bits..and you run outside like you’re going to catch ice cream man but when you get outside whatever you heard is gone and all that’s left is a record and a pile of wood shavings.

So what did I get today? Well first I had to find it. Sometimes the hobo courier will hide it from you to make sure bandits don’t come and take your record. The Hobo Record Club has a strict no bandits policy (maybe the only sensible thing they have) and if your neighborhood is sketchy they won’t just leave it out in the open. After a few minutes of searching I found it.

You can’t really see it too well but there’s a record hidden in that bush.

But what record could it be?

Why it’s Rod Stewart’s 1981 hit Young Turks, in the original picture sleeve.

Look, it even has the little thing built into the middle.

While I’m not a fan of Rod Stewart, I’ll admit that this is a pretty good song, but I don’t ever want to hear it again. Back in the early days of MTV the video for this song got a ton of airplay and it’s was stuck in my head until about two weeks ago when I finally forgot about it…and then it shows up at my house and I start singing it all over again. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: This is the worst record club ever.

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9 responses to “Return of The Hobo Record Club

  1. stephanie

    dood ship it to me asap and ill give it back to rod. i think he plays here tonight or tomorrow

  2. betheboy

    I’m pretty sure he has a copy already. However, the back cover does tell of a big US and Canadian tour in the Summer of 1981.

  3. That song is really called “Young Turks?” I always thought it was “Young Hearts.” Now I like that song even less (and I didn’t like it that much to begin with).

  4. DUDE. This has nothing to do with your post but you’re never on AIM anymore and I had to show you this (nsfw) Scroll down to #1. That’s my old roommate.

  5. betheboy

    Pagne, that title is truly disturbing. I honestly don’t want to see that. I think we know what category that goes in.

  6. I think you’re making this up!

    But if you aren’t, have you considered that you’re actually STEALING these records from the hobos? Maybe they thought your place was safe and now you’re collecting them all up and they’re out there confused (well, more than normal).


  7. betheboy

    Making this up? That’s crazy talk. I am 100% truly a hobo record club member.

  8. i like how you know what you want, “but I don’t ever want to hear it again.”

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