BetheMarriage Chat Recap # 6

The Slackmistress and I hope you caught last night’s live video chat because we did some pretty cool stuff.

For starters we moved it to a new host, We moved to USTREAM because they won’t boot us every time we said bad words and they’ll let us archive the entire broadcast. We also took calls for the first time which is a feature The Slackmistress has been working hard to incorporate. There were a few bugs: the video is a little dim and when someone called it messed up our audio but these will be worked out.

In case you missed it last night out new home is:

UPDATE: The chat page now features an awesome new banner and tagline courtesy of Greg at TweetupLA. Click here see it.

Since the new host allowed us to archive the entire chat you can go back and check it out by clicking on the Slackmistress Video Clips portion (you can also subscribe to the video feeds).

Because we know you’re busy and may not have time to watch the entire show, here is a list of highlights from last night, the highlights are listed chronologically with their approximate start and end times so you can scan the video as you see fit.

  1. Photo montage and introductions followed by the pimping of the products: Starts at 0:00 ends at the 4:00 minute mark.
  2. Dressing up for the chat/long sleeves please: 5:00-8:00 min.
  3. Slackmistress and Justin Timberlake: 28:30-31:00 min.
  4. Slackmistress on getting naked with the boss: 33:00-34:00 min.
  5. BetheBoy goes to tit city: 53:00-55:00 min.
  6. BetheBoy and the Juice Bar 58:00-59:00 min.
  7. Slackmistrss and BetheBoy give marriage advice: starts at 1hr. 26 min, mark
  8. The Slackmisress breaks out my Long Island accent starts at 1 hr. 48 min. mark
  9. Wrap up and goodnight: starts at 1 hr. 54 min.

As usual the stars of the night were the participants in the chat room and the callers. The number of participants has been going up each week and it’s getting hard for me to keep track of everyone while we’re chatting. There were at least 30 names I recognized and I’m sure I missed some. If you were there (or if you saw the archived clips), let me know in the comments so I know who you are. If we ever start sending out BetheMarriage swag we want to know who to send it to.

Thanks for watching, see you next week.



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9 responses to “BetheMarriage Chat Recap # 6

  1. Still looking for Tit City on Google Maps.

  2. Re: Tit City
    Had a friend in film school that always said, “If you don’t want people to look, don’t take it out the house.”

    He was usually spouting this wisdom to some dude that was giving him the evil eye after he was checking out the girlfriend. Fisticuffs would ensue 90% of the time, but yet still words to live by.

    Though, you probably don’t want to say it out loud.

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  4. Will’s appendectomy scar is bad-ass.

    That is all.

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  6. Someday, I’ll get to catch one of these.

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  8. The new setup is way cool.

    Yes, I said “way cool”.

  9. 9a

    Woo! Losta fun … but I don’t feel cool enough to be there hanging with you and Nina, honestly!!!

    Lately it’s made Saturday nights more fun … I am so dead from work and school – hope I am not making an ass of myself!

    And I liked when you told that lame bastard off, that I know was an ass in the chat! (And I was like wow, glad that’s not me, ha ha.) You told him, and then just segued back in seamlessly!!!! It was awesome.

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