Video Chat # 6 Tonight – Important Info Below

There are some changes in store for tonight’s live BetheMarriage video chat. They are pretty good changes too.

1- We’re moving the chat over to a new host. Starting at 8:00 pm Pacific Time tonight we’ll be broadcasting from our brand new USTREAM location

2-Starting tonight we’re taking calls… well we’re going to try to. More about that when the show starts at 8.

Since we’re moving to a new host I think I should update the FAQ’s.

Q- What are these chats about?

A- Whatever you want them to be about. Sometimes it video games and robots, and other times Skee Ball and breakdancing. It’s basically a chance for everyone who reads my wife’s blog and this one to interact and discuss things that are important to them.

Q- What is USTREAM and why have you moved there?

A- is a free service that allows us to stream live video and chat with friends. It has the added benefit of letting us interact live with other users via cam and phone and it lets us archive the sessions so that you can view them later (something we could not do reliably with the previous host). Overall we think it’s a better experience for everyone. You can find us at

Q- Do I need to register to participate?

A- No, you can watch and listen without registering but if you want us and other users to see you, or if you want to participate in the chat you’ll have to register. Registration takes a minute and it’s free.

Q- Do I need a webcam to participate?

A- Nope, you can just log on when the live chat starts and play along as you see fit.

Q- Why are you doing this on a Saturday night when I have a fabulous thing to go to?

A – We know you’re popular but it’s the only time that my wife and I both have several hours of uninterrupted time. Plus we’re nerds who like to stay home and play video games on the weekends and we know we’re not the only ones. So we implore you to cancel your plans and become lovable shut-ins like us.

Q- Will there be nudity?

A- Certainly not from me and while my wife doesn’t plan on it she can’t make any promises. After all, she didn’t plan on marrying me and here we are. Sometimes the unexpected happens, tune in to find out more.

Q- What is that web site again?

It’s We hope to see you there.



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2 responses to “Video Chat # 6 Tonight – Important Info Below

  1. I’d like to state that there was full male belly nudity on tonight’s show. That negates Will’s claim of that he would not be nude.

    But, as to his defense, appendectomy scars of the magnitude should not be hidden.

  2. How are you, awesome blog post.

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