That Was Enough Silliness For One Day

That last post was so silly I can’t bear to have it be the top item on the page so here’s a new post full of great stuff for you to check out.

1- Stop everything and check out this great Medialoper list called: 25 Musical Moments to Die For. Every now and then I see something online that makes me say “I wish I wrote that”, this is one of those times.

2- While I’m on the subject of music, Captains Dead has a great Warren Zevon show from 1978. I love that broken and beautiful Zevon voice. 

3- Some more friends of Be The Boy are at Comic-con this weekend: Sarah @wood is there meeting nerdcore rappers and The Sneeze is providing live updates from his Twitter stream.

4- I played poker with the man behind this great sports site last night and he didn’t take my money. How considerate of him.  Of course, everyone else took my money.  

5- There will be a live chat this weekend, more details tomorrow. Here’s a recap of the last one.

Thanks for playing along at home.  have a great weekend.



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2 responses to “That Was Enough Silliness For One Day

  1. Jim

    Thanks! Also, I fixed the issue with the excerpts not playing . . .

  2. but was it really enough silliness? -no, no it was not.

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