On Sidebars and a Link

One of my favorite things about having this blog is the fact that I can tell you about other blogs that I read and enjoy. I read hundreds of good blogs each week and there was a time when I used to link them all on the sidebar. However, I used to use the sidebar as my personal blogroll. Now that I use Google Reader to keep track of blogs I don’t use the sidebar links much and from what I’ve gathered from the WordPress outclick stats, I’m not the only one who has abandoned the practice of clicking sidebar links. Has the sidebar run its course? Is it time to move them to a separate page?

Also, while Google Reader allows me to keep up with blogs I enjoy (like yours) it also allows me to follow my favorite hatecrush blogs. You know the ones I mean, the blogs that you don’t really like but you keep reading because you can’t look away from them. We all have our hatecrush blogs, in fact, this one may be yours. You can tell me if it is.

Anyway, back to the sharing part. Here is a blog that I like and I think you should take a look at. Jason Burns is an actor, writer, engineer and all around good man. You’ve seen his work on LA Metblog and in letters to various adult magazines. You can now follow his personal blog: Fade In LA.

Fade In LA comes with the rarely invoked Be The Boy punch in the face guarantee meaning that if you read it and don’t like it, you can punch me in the face. Really.

P.S. if you are at Comi-Con in San Diego please stop by and see my pals Jodi and JustJenn.



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18 responses to “On Sidebars and a Link

  1. I got so far behind in updating my blogroll that I’ve removed it from my site entirely. I feel guilty every single day. Fuckpants!

  2. fuckus panti.

    great blog.

  3. OMG did you just invite someone to STALK THE JUSTJENN?!?! (And Jodi. At least she’s “alone” with Jodi. ;)

  4. Thanks for the props. Do people still say “props?” What year is this, anyway?


    I go through phases where I’ll add everything I read to the sidebar, then I delete the whole thing anyway. Sometimes, I even forget that I have a blog. Just like a forget that I have a MySpace, a Buzznet account, and a guitar. I really should learn to play that thing. They always come in handy on a camping trip.

  5. I also have gone the way of the Google Reader.

    I still have my sidebar so if anyone new decides to pop over they can find more awesome blogs.

  6. My blogroll currently only links to Tony Pierce and someone just asked me yesterday if that was an inside joke or what. (It didn’t start out that way, but now it is.)

    I actually like sidebars on other people’s blogs. I can see a smattering of the blogs/friends they like.

  7. i always click the links on the sidebars just to see what others are reading. i’ve found lots of amazing blogs that way. one of these days i am going to add my own link list on the sidebar!

  8. melissa

    I linked to about ten blogs when I set up the new site and never looked at it again. Luckily you and the slackmistress are already on there. :)

  9. I only have people in my blogroll that I think my readers will also enjoy. I also forget to add people all the time.

  10. I only have links in my side bar so i can remember to check out all my favorite blogs.

  11. i think that half my blogs on my personal roll are the hatecrush type. hmm. Should I stop being so wishy washy and find more blogs I actually just hate, or just love? ….nope! my sidebar is different though. I like it… it’s sparce. I always think people are judging me by it; mostly because I would.

  12. Not to alienate any of your readers, but since when do you endorse ANYTHING Comi-con?

  13. betheboy

    Billy Burger – Since I married a geek. They say marriage changes you, this is how.

  14. Ditto what Stephanie said.

  15. The sidebar links in my personal blog are pretty weak. I try to keep the blogroll in my podcast up to date, though.

  16. i’ve been wondering the same thing, blogroll usage due to me using the google reader. i started revamping it about a week ago, not finished. trying to figure out if i want to put it back on the front page.

    lots of decisions to make, you see.

  17. I just read this. See how far behind I am. Thanks for the stalker shoutout. I think I saw Jodu twice. I was so alone I had to hold my pee. Ow. Unhappy bladder.

  18. I’m even more behind than Jenn! I think I saw her four times…I guess she didn’t see me the other two! Ha! My blogroll disappeared recently and I haven’t bothered to put it back. Google Reader makes it easy for me to be lazy like that.

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