And Our New Word Is…

Last week I was looking for a word that didn’t exist. I needed a word or phrase to describe a peculiar situation that is growing more common these days, the blog related anniversary. I met my wife through her blog and I distinctly remember the day I first found it, two years ago this August, just sitting there on the Internet minding its own business. I know I’m not the only one who has been in this situation.

I feel that we can all use a word to describe the first time we stumbled upon the online presence of someone who became an important part of our life; the electronic version of the day you met. So last week I put the question to the readers of this blog to come up with a term and the suggestions were fantastic. After much deliberation I have chosen the word that I feel is most fitting. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you…..

DISCOVERSARY – noun 1. The yearly recurrence of the day you first discovered the online presence of someone who has become an important part of your life: Our second discoversary is next month. 2. The celebration or commemoration of such a date.

-adjective 1. Pertaining to a discoversary: You should see the discoversary gift I got.

This word was suggested to me by Sarah who is brimming with excellent ideas, Please adjust your vocabulary accordingly.

Updated: There has been some questions about the pronunciation of this word, I prefer Disco-Versary as in Disco Inferno-versary, minus the fire part.  Also I’d like to remind you why a Discoversary is big deal: It was the first step towards the most important thing I’ve ever posted on this blog.



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13 responses to “And Our New Word Is…

  1. myfoodcoma

    Will you be submitting this to Urban Dictionary?

  2. Nice! Too bad I tried to tell my husband about this and I can’t even pronounce the damn word out loud. Some linguist I am.

  3. great word! i am pronouncing it discov – versary. and i think it is the perfect word.

  4. I prefer the emphasis on the “co” as in:
    DISCO! versary.

  5. I’m with the Sea Hag on this one.

    Alternative definitions could be as follows:

    1) The anniversary of the day you discovered disco.
    2) The anniversary of the day you first saw John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.
    3) The anniversary of the day you did your first line of coke off a woman’s breasts.

  6. betheboy

    It absolutely should be pronounced Disco-versary because dancing should be involved.

  7. Disco-Versary! Sounds awesome dude. Just don’t forget to invite to me the customary dance-off. “DISCO DISCO! LET’S GO” nice.

  8. Disco-versary indeed. Splendid word.
    In 4-6 months, think it’ll be shortened? Hey, it’s my disco today.

  9. You’ve romanticized this fabulous new word to the point that I now feel incomplete without this in my life.

  10. I totally discoversaried my hubby on Facebook (back in 2004). Cheesy, yet true.

  11. betheboy

    Cory – you are the proud owner of a Discoversary!

  12. That’s what he said. . .wait, wha? :)

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