Why I Haven’t Seen The Dark Knight

I did a lot this weekend, but I did not go to see The Dark Knight. Let me tell you why.

For starters I was busy. I had dinner with several awesome people on Friday, co hosted a live chat on Saturday, ran into this blogger on Sunday and in between I wrote an angry letter, feuded with my neighbors, got kicked out of bed and posted something over at LA Metblogs. I could have made time for The Dark Knight but I didn’t, because I’m not ready for the reality of actually seeing the movie because I’m too busy imagining it.

Among people my age, especially among men my age, our go-to earliest movie memory is Star Wars. While I suspect this is more suggested memory than fact it doesn’t take anything away from the significance of the idea because it sets an expectation that movies are events and every time you step into that theater you could be amazed by something. It may be one of the last ways we are collectively (and willingly) naive. Now maybe I’m bitter because my real first movie was The Cat From Outer Space but I rarely allow myself that expectation of amazement that I had as a kid.

Maybe I’m misremembering the past but it felt like when I was 8 or 9 I could get lost in a movie for months on end. Do you remember seeing a movie right after the last day of school and then playing out the movie over and over all summer in the backyard? Then, if the movie was really good, you could get it on a lunch box come September. For a kid the best thing you can say about a movie is I want it on my lunch box because we only got one lunch box and it had to last the whole year.¬† Choose wrong in August and you we’re carrying a crappy lunch box until June. I saw a lot of movies when I was little, but very few were lunch box worthy. In my head The Dark Knight is going to be a lunch box movie and while I could just go see it and find out if it is, the anticipation is a little too much fun to let go of. I’ll probably get to it this week and then decide if I’ll pack my lunch with Batman next school year.



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20 responses to “Why I Haven’t Seen The Dark Knight

  1. You got a new lunchbox every year?! Damn, you were lucky! I had one blue Holly Hobbie tin one and if I was tired of that I could use my brother’s red Snoopy one. Must be why by 2nd grade I was a huge fan of the brown paper bags instead.

  2. betheboy

    We had lunchboxes but nothing to put in them.

  3. Elyzabith

    This movie is totally lunchbox worthy…

  4. Totally lunchbox worthy. Call me a geek but I saw it Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. In IMAX. The awesomeness cannot even be put into words.

  5. Ro

    My Wonder Woman lunch box sits proudly on my shelf. I don’t think I ever used it.

    BTW I love your banner!

  6. Close Encounters of the Third Kind was my first movie memory.

    And I never had a movie lunch box. Which is just sad, I know.

  7. Nice seeing ya at TJ’s!

  8. I haven’t seen it yet either. I too, need some more time to ‘be ready.’ My first movie ever was The Muppets Take Manhattan and I had a Muppets lunchbox. Totally awesome. Worst lunchbox choice: Neon pink plastic New Kids on the Block. I was paper bagging halfway through the school year.

  9. betheboy

    Sarah, I made the 4th grade mistake of an Ewoks lunchbox despite not seeing the movie.

  10. I had a classic Snoopy. I think it’s still around the Slack Family Compound…

  11. betheboy

    The Snoopy is the best lunchbox ever.

  12. I don’t remember any specific lunchboxes… My brother and I ate school lunches. I do know I had at least one because I made a time capsule out of it and buried it somewhere in the yard. I need to get a metal detector and go find that thing.

    My earliest movie memories are Star Wars (first and only drive-in experience), 2010, The Aristocats, and Chariots of Fire. In all honesty I don’t remember much about Star Wars other than my brother and I got to wear our pajamas.

  13. I’m still waiting for a Donnie Darko lunchbox.

  14. NovySan

    I too underwent Lunchbox anxiety, until I was gifted with my paternal grandfather’s lunchbox that had been used when he was a boilermaker’s apprentice. It weighed about 3 pounds, was coal black dented steel, and looked like something Johnny Cash would hide his soul in. The inside was enameled robin’s egg blue and could keep things magically fresh for days. No boring cube, it was hemi-cylindrically domed on the top, to fit a thermos worthy of Los Alamos samples. I dearly dearly loved that lunchbox…

  15. Lunchbox worthy – I like that status a lot.

  16. Here’s your To Do list.
    1. Get your Harold and Maude lunchbox. (I’m thinking the summer you played this one out was a strange one.)
    2. Rent Jedi. Come on dude.
    3. See Dark Knight. Good flick.

  17. my first movie was at the drive in and it was “texas chainsaw massacre”. the babysitters took us and i wasn’t right for MONTHS. in fact, that prolly explains what is wrong with me now.

    my first concert, culture club. i chose it, and i loved it and i pretended to be boy george many months afterwards.

    (i’m thinking i shouldn’t write that out loud.)

  18. TheotherWill

    Dark Knight was great.
    Heath was everything the Joker is supposed to be and to quote Jim Norton”Jack Nickolsons performance was like a SnL skit of the Joker.
    One thing that did bother me is why the hell when Batman puts on the mask he becomes Clint Eastwood.

  19. i’ve been lurking and not commenting for the longest time, my apologies, but this post totally did one of those memory things with me.

    omg, “the cat from outer space” is one of the best movies, con gato, ever.

    i, too, had a holly hobbie lunchbox!

  20. grampa

    My earliest memory is that of seeing Star Wars – at a drive-in. It was the second half of a double feature. The first movie was Godzilla vs. Megalon.

    Talk about a double feature.

    It was 1977. I was five. I had nightmares about Darth Vader for the next year, but it was so worth it.

    And, no, I’m not dead.

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