We Need a Word For This

In a few weeks I will be commemorating a special day in my life and I don’t have a word to describe it. It’s a situation that our parents and grandparents and never dealt with: Blog related anniversaries.

You probably don’t know this but it’s been almost two years since I first discovered the blog of the girl I married.  Before that day we had never met, in fact we had never heard of one another until I clicked the link that took me to her blog.  This is an important date and yet I have no word to describe it because meeting your significant other via blog is a relatively new phenomenon. “The day I discovered the blog of the person I later married” is too long to put on a greeting card and “blogversary” is just unimaginative.

I’m calling on you for help. What we need is a word that we can all use describe the first time stumbled we upon the online presence of someone who became an important part of your life.  Consider it the electronic version of the day you met.  You can use the comments to suggest a term.

For the record, this person is responsible for setting the Be the Boy Slackmistress chain of events in motion. I’ll tell the full story once I have an appropriate word for it.



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25 responses to “We Need a Word For This

  1. betheboy

    For the record, my choice is: “Three Months Before We Did It Day” but I need something that isn’t so specific to my life. First Link Day? Discovery Day perhaps?

  2. Click-through Day?

    Blogosphere Appreciation Day (BAD)?


  3. DIFH: the Day I Found Her

  4. My initial thought was discoversary (as in discover, not disco). I’ll need some more time to come up with something better…

  5. COF Day (Click of Fate) or LOF Day (Link of Fate).
    I’d suggest “The Day the Earth Stood Still” but it’s taken and I don’t know if the earth DID stand still or if you were just intrigued.

    I like Sarah’s suggestion, too.

  6. I call the day I found you my Williversary. Maybe you could coin the term Ninaversary and find a way to get it into the OED.

  7. We Met On the Internet but, Not Through a Dating Site Because that Still Has Some Stigma Attached to It Day.


    Our Series of Tubes Met Day

  8. How about Hon-eVersary? The day you met your “honey” online! Awww….NOTE: Could also go with Sweet-eVersary, Babe-eVersary or Hot-eVersary ;-)

    Congrats and enjoy!

  9. Serendipitousversary. Plus, I’ll bet people will think it’s a real word.

  10. Clickoversary?

    Stumbleversary? (As you stumbled upon her site?)

  11. I guess “fuckpants” day probably isn’t appropriate either. Let me think on it…

  12. Well, since you’re creating it BECAUSE of your particular situation, perhaps it’s appropriate that it does reflect something personal about the two of you. That way, once it makes its way to Wikipedia, there can be an appropriate explanation about how Will and Nina’s chance meeting begat the word:

    BE my MISTRESS Day
    BE the MISTRESS Day
    WillyNinny (ok that one sucks)

  13. Paul L.

    Netzfreundtag —

    Why not? The Germans have a word for everything else.

  14. What’s the opposite of 404?

    Non-404 Day doesn’t really roll off the tongue.

  15. I vote for discoversary.

  16. Well of course I vote for my own, discoversary. Although I think if you wanted a day, not a word, I’d go with Fortuitous Link Day.

  17. well my mind is totally befuddled after all of that.

    lucky link day

    i have no idea. i consulted my thesaurus of slang for all words linked to discover and find and was highly disappointed. some of their options…

    dig up, hit upon, be hep to, trip over, tumble to, suss out, fall into

    normally i find lots of questionable words, but this time there was nary a one.

  18. Prooftheinternetdoesntsuckiversary?

    Not terribly catchy, is it.

  19. “the click my heart discovered” day

    “clickasoulmate” day

    the “linkagetopimpage” anniversary (that just makes me laugh)

  20. burnhoyumpa

    I agree with John Darko: linkage to pimpage ROCKS! LOL

    How about “clickserry”? Sounds like a drink too!

  21. betheboy

    What about “Detectoversary”?

  22. Wait, but wasn’t “detectiversary” the day that you guys officially started dating (i.e. when the Slackmistress agreed to start the detective agency with you in response to your Totally Awesome Open Letter)?? Is it weird that I seem to know entirely too much about your various “versaries?” You crazy kids and your “versaries”……

    MY vote is for discoversary.

  23. i don’t have one, but i like reading these ideas. Although I like both of retrojoes ideas. Not catchy but good…

  24. AnonEMouse

    I feel really old now. I met my SO through a BBS (ah the good old days before the ‘net)….


    I prefer this one: maceelaine
    July 15, 2008 at
    DIFH: the Day I Found Her

    Just because it can cover her or him and doesn’t limit you to just finding through a blog..since that wasn’t what I did.

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