Too Busy To Talk About Myself

Lately I’ve been more active online than usual. In the past two weeks I have:

This probably means you’ve had enough of me so I’d like to take a moment to talk about two people who are not me for a change. Here are two things that should make you happy.

We’ll resume the usual nonsense tomorrow.



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3 responses to “Too Busy To Talk About Myself

  1. betheboy

    There are pictures that illustrate what you can do with my wife’s idea here: Thanks to the delightful Miss Ex for putting that together.

    Find Miss Ex here

  2. melissa

    I’m so excited about The Sneeze.

    Can’t wait to see where the Flatmistress ends up!

  3. SM’s idea is brilliant. I have a couple of friends who traveled all over South America one summer and they did something similar. In Every Single Photograph they took a small Yoda figure can be found.

    Every One.

    Even on Machu Picchu.

    So far, the best shot is the “Live Bait” pic.

    For one, I’m glad your writing more than usual. It inspires me to actually update my own blog. More than once a month.

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