Live Chat Recap Number Four

One day, when the history of this chat is written last nights show will be notable for the following reasons:

1- The introduction of the second camera (The Daisy cam, that showed what our dog was doing).

2- The several minutes of discussion about The Uncle Floyd Show and the singing of the song from Wild West City and the moment where I insulted the CDP.

3- The Slackmistress telling tales involving actors who were in Star Wars.

4- In addition to the aforementioned CDP we had chat particpation from many other bloggers, including:


Vintage Cavemann

Mace Elaine

Nutcase 101

N Judah

The Pagne

Sarah Atwood

John Darko

Ex Everything



And a world famous blogger so awesome that if I mentioned them you’d accuse me of name dropping.

I’m probably forgetting others and some people watched without signing in so I couldn’t identify them. Also there were many non bloggers watching, I d list you but there’s nowhere for me to link to. If I’ve left you off, or if you watched and want to chime in, feel free to do so in the comments.

Also, there is a small segment of last nights chat (it ran over 2 and a half hours) that we’ve archived here. Feel free to watch, I think it’s the part where I sing again.

Lastly, just a heads up on the chat host. We’ve been having problems with Stickam and we’re probably going to be moving the weekly chat over to Ustream. If you feel strongly about this one way or another let us know.



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14 responses to “Live Chat Recap Number Four

  1. betheboy

    I just realized that I posted that without putting the first CDP portion in there. This has been corrected.

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  3. “…And a world famous blogger so awesome that if I mentioned them you’d accuse me of name dropping.”

    Bless you!

  4. Dammit. I had to hit the sack about an hour in. Had an autocross Sunday morning. Guess I’ll have to catch the recap.

    FYI, if you still can’t get the Skype business working I have an idea.

  5. I’m just never home on a Saturday night, but considering my computer won’t even play the re-caps, it probably wouldn’t work anyway! I’m intrigued by the Daisy Cam for sure.

  6. Fabulous evening with ya’ll! I’ve used Ustream and like it. I will support that switch.

  7. i hate i missed the fun, i broke the internet over at our house.

  8. Yes, I dropped off just after the mention of the Moses trail, and then couldn’t get back on. So Trevor (who is still thrilled that he got harassed online) and I watched Death at a Funeral and during a bathroom break I checked and you all were still at it. But we finished the movie, instead. Sounds like we missed some fun!

  9. betheboy

    Well Mace, you missed the singing portion. Hopefully we can eliminate the connection problems.

  10. It doesn’t help that my internet is spotty right now. Once the upstairs girls get back from vacation we should have it all sorted out. Hooray!

    And damn. I would have turned on the microphone for singing.

  11. Hathery

    Maybe someday I’ll be awake long enough to listen to one of your chats.

  12. Man, I got there at like the last minute! I had just gotten home from watching a Beatles cover band when you guys were about to wrap up.

    I’ll try to limit my social outings next weekend.

  13. i only popped in for a second…due to my current internet crisis, but thanks for listing my name. will be back on saturday : )

    oh by the way, just caught “the day the earth stood still” trailer. well…i really do not know what to make of it. some of the visuals look nice but there’s a huge part of me that wants to hate this movie seeing that i grew up watching this film with my pops.

    john darko

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