BetheMarriage Live On Ice: New Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

It’s Saturday and that means it’s live video chat night.

BetheMarriage Live on Ice has moved to a new time, 8:00 pm Pacific, which is an hour earlier than usual. This will let our east coast friends and family stop in before bedtime and allow everyone to get their dose of ridiculousness and inappropriate humor an hour early. It will wrap up whenever we run out of things to say (last week that was around midnight).

The chat will be held over at my wife’s video chat page, she’s pictured above in an increadibly realistic cartoon rendering.

In previous weeks we’ve encountered some minor technical issues (spilled drinks, kicked off of server) that knocked us offline for a few minutes but these interruptions were brief. In the event we have technical issues stay tuned to the Be The Boy Twitter Feed for updates.

Here’s the chat link again. You don’t need to sign in to watch but if you want to participate live you’ll have to register, this literally will take you 60 seconds or less. Here are some other chat FAQ’s we’ve created.

We’ll see you tonight.


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One response to “BetheMarriage Live On Ice: New Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

  1. CSG

    would you ever have a bethemarriage at a different time? we, the Europeans, miss it every weekend due to the time difference :(

    I could wake up at 5.00am. Um. Not really.


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