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A few other bloggers have taken on the Records of Our Life challenge including Ryan at the CDP who expects you to mock his selections and Robert over at RTK Music who doesn’t care what you think. Both lists are fantastic, check them out.

The fun of this list is that you can compare tastes with other bloggers and play the imaginary game of “What Blogger would I Road Trip With”. The right music is essential on a long trip and I’d take a trip with either of those guys because I know they’d bring the goods musically. Of course, they’d have to fight me for control of the radio first.

This exercise also reminds me of a list I created last year where I chose a musician and an album for each letter of the alphabet. 

Music to get Lost In Space By

The list is a variation on the Desert Island Disc list where you choose a set amount of albums to take on a desert island. I’ve adapted it because there’s no way I’m ever going to end up on a deserted island and neither are you so lets be realistic and say instead that we are taking albums into outer space or anywhere else you might go with no access to new records. So here’s the catch, I’ve got to take ONE album from an artist representing every letter of the alphabet. Here are the rules:

1- Each letter can be represented by one artist only and a specific album.
2- Solo artists are categorized by last name so Bob Dylan is listed under D not B.
3- Greatest hits and best of albums are only allowed if the artist worked primarily before 1960.

This was a tough list to complete because with only one artist per letter I had to make some tough choices: Like Elvis Costello or the Clash? What about the letters Q and I? In the end I made my decision and went with the following choices.

A- Cannonball Adderly – Something Else
B- The Beatles – Rubber Soul
C- The Clash- London Calling
D- Bob Dylan- Blonde on Blonde
E- Brian Eno – Here Come the Warm Jets
F- fIREHOSE – Raging Full On
G- The Gun Club – Fire of Love
H- Husker Du – New Day Rising
I- Islands – Return to the Sea
J- The Jam – In the City
K- The Kinks – Muswell Hillbillies
L- Lifter Puller – Soft Rock
M- The Minutemen – Double Nickels on the Dime
N- New York Dolls – New York Dolls
O – The Oblivions- Sympathy Sessions
P- The Pogues – If I Should Fall From Grace with God
Q- Quadrajets – Alabama Hip Shake
R- The Replacements – Tim
S- The Stooges – Funhouse
T- Television – Marquee Moon
U- The Undertones – The Undertones
V- Velvet Underground _White Light White Heat
W- Tom Waits – Raindogs
X- X – Los Angeles
Y- Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Everybody Knows this is Nowhere
Z- Warren Zevon – Life ‘ll Kill Ya

So, who’s on your list and who did I leave off? Let’s debate, in fact lets argue about it.



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8 responses to “More Music Stuff

  1. Damn, now I have to do this, too? This seems significantly harder than the already-difficult ‘Lifetime of Music’ list.

  2. betheboy

    I’m puzzled by why these are so hard for people. Both took me about 15 minutes each.

  3. Jim

    The rest of my Medialoper homies might wonder WTF if I posted another list (especially in light of what I’ve got brewing for a couple of weeks from now) so I’m doing it here! (Without the benefit of any reference but an iPod.)

    A: Aerosmith – Rocks
    B: The Beatles – Revolver
    C: The Clash – London Calling
    D: Bob Dylan & The Hawks – “Royal Albert Hall” Concert (Electric Disc)
    E: English Beat – I Just Can’t Stop It
    F: Fountains of Wayne – Welcome Interstate Managers
    G: Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion II
    H: Husker Du – Warehouse: Songs & Stories
    I: Imperial Teen – Seasick
    J: Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy
    K: The Kinks – Something Else By The Kinks
    L: Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti
    M: Modern Lovers – Modern Lovers
    N: Nirvana – Nevermind
    O: Oasis – What’s The Story, Morning Glory?
    P: Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
    Q: [i got nothing]
    R: Replacements – Let it Be
    S: Sex Pistols – Nevermind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols
    T: Television – Marquee Moon
    U: U2 – Achtung Baby!
    V: Violent Femmes – Violent Femmes
    W: The Who – Quadrophenia
    X: X – Wild Gift
    Y: Neil Young – Rust Never Sleeps
    Z: Warren Zevon – Stand in the Fire

  4. betheboy

    Wow, we match up on 10 artists.

    Q was tough for me, I had to dig deep on that.

  5. rtkmusic

    I agree with Jim: Another list?

    This one should be relatively easy – just need to get home and stare at my iPod or CD wall for a few minutes.

  6. betheboy

    I know, two lists in 3 days but to be fair this was an old list that felt relevant here. This one was easier to put together than the year one.

    Side note, are you guys familiar with this? some excellent stuff.

  7. Jim

    Love Wolfgang’s Vault, though I do very little streaming.

    Here’s a question about this list: is it supposed to be “Favorite Artist for each letter” OR “Favorite Album by an Artist for each letter.”

    I did the latter, but it’s an interesting distinction: I love Pavement more than Pink Floyd, The Jam more than the Jesus and Mary Chain and I love The Smiths more than the Sex Pistols, but as great as my favorite albums by those people were, they weren’t as great as what I chose.

  8. betheboy

    Jim- I specifically didn’t specify because that’s part of the fun, there may be better bands for each letter but the albums are pretty damn near flawless. For me it was a combination of the two.

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