Make a Note of This

Just a quick heads up in case you want to plan your weekend around what me and The Slackmistress are doing. If you’re not planning your weekend around us I accept your apologies but hope you’ll reconsider.

Our weekly live video chat, which is in its 4th week and had like eleventy hundred viewers last Saturday, is being moved to a new, earlier time. Bethemarriage Live on Ice will now start at 8:00 pm Pacific time (11:00 pm Eastern) on Saturday evenings.

There may be some enhancements for this week and we may be using a better host server that won’t boot us every time someone says a bad word. I’ve also promised to tone down some of the material to keep us out of trouble but only a little. Stay tuned for details. See you there.

Here’s a recap of the last chat and here’s a review from a viewer.

Finally, if you have no idea what I’m talking about here is some background info.



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7 responses to “Make a Note of This

  1. We will be at LOG this weekend, but hopefully we’ll join you next week.

  2. Ahem. LOJ. That should have read LOJ.

  3. hmm… this could be the perfect thing to do after an evening at Shea. :)

  4. I don’t watch you guys live because I don’t have the brain capacity to work out time differences, however I did watch the highlights from the first show and I plan on watching the other 3 (if they are available? If so where? Or should I just read the previous posts before commenting? hmm) uh… on Monday.

  5. betheboy

    Anne-Marie – there are highlights from the last two online.

  6. Thats my day off planned! Coolies

  7. I hope I didn’t say any bad words…oh wait, I probably did…I was drinking.

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