Hits From The Original Artists

A few items of note for a Wednesday:

  • There’s been a music meme floating around where you make a list of your favorite record for every year that you’ve been alive. I was making a list to post here but the good people over at Media Loper posted one so I had to add mine in the comments. Go check out their list and mine too (I’ve added it below).

  • Yet another post that illustrates why Joe Posnanski is my favorite newspaper columnist who is also a blogger.

  • Ever wonder what you’d grab if the house caught fire? Shampoo Solo got to play this game recently when there was a real fire. I had $5 on her saving her Wii to preserve her Rock Band scores. Find out what she took here.
  • Who else misses The Sneeze? I hope he hasn’t been eaten by a bear.
  • The Be The Boy Facebook Network has inexplicably grown to over 50 members.  Thanks internet, you are awesome.
  • Are there any Skype experts out there?  I need some help setting up a system for taking calls during a live chat.  Anyone?

Now, here is that music list I mentioned above:

For the record I used the UK 1979 as the release for London calling. Otherwise I followed the rules as laid out by Idolator and listed my favorite* record for every year except for 2004 which I skipped due to apathy and this year which I a undecided on.  Discuss amongst yourself.

*When I say favorite I mean best.

1974: Brian Eno, Here Come The Warm Jets
1975: Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks
1976: Station to Station, David Bowie
1977: Television, Marquee Moon
1978: The Jam, All Mods Con
1979: The Clash, London Calling
1980: AC/DC, Back in Black
1981: X, Wild Gift
1982: Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska
1983: R.E.M., Murmur
1984: The Replacements, Let it Be
1985: The Replacements, Tim
1986: Run DMC, Raising Hell
1987: REM, Document
1988: Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation
1989: The Jesus and Mary Chain, Automatic
1990: Public Enemy, Fear of a Black Planet
1991: Nevermind, Nirvana
1992: Harvest Moon, Neil Young Tom Waits, Bone Machine **
1993: Nirvana, In Utero
1994: Let Love In, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
1995: Get Lost, Magnetic Fields
1996: Murder Ballads, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
1997: Bob Dylan, Time Out Of Mind
1998: Lucinda Williams, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
1999: Magnetic Fields, 69 Love Songs
2000: PJ Harvey, Songs From The City Songs From the Sea
2001- Bob Dylan, Love and Theft
2002 – Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
2003- Grandaddy – Sumday
2004 – Omited Due to Apathy
2005 – The Hold Steady – Seperation Sunday
2006 – Neko Case – Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
2007 – Anything But that Arcade Fire record

** I can’t believe I forgot Bone Machine for 1992



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17 responses to “Hits From The Original Artists

  1. betheboy

    Seriously, the Skype things is driving us crazy. We’re using a Macbook but the volume on the calls is so low that it is practically inaudible. Settings have been adjusted with no luck.

  2. Jim

    Not that I don’t appreciate the link, but you should still make a “music of your life” list here. On Monday, I created a version of that list as a comment on the AV Club article from where I stole the idea, but when it came time to actually post it to Medialoper, there were a lot of changes.

    Some years will always be super easy (nothing will ever pry 1984 from “Let It Be” or 2006 from “Boys and Girls in America”), but I’m still second-guessing myself about other years.

    I’m still wondering if I should have gone with the New York version of “Blood on the Tracks” for 1974 in order to free up “Born to Run” for 1975, but I couldn’t find any verification that the release date was pushed back for the new recordings.

    Also, I like the final version a bit better, or at least it used to play perfectly on a C-60 with “Up to Me” appended to it.

  3. betheboy

    Good point Jim, I added my list to the post. I’ll have to create a second Greatest Misses post to follow up this list. There were some tough choices to make.

  4. dude…thats and awesome list AND an awesome meme! i have some of those records on vinyl! very good selection, indeed. (notables: nirvana, the clash, bob dylan, public enemy)

  5. burnhoyumpa

    I am seriously debating whether or not to start a signature campaign to bring back The Sneeze. That’s an awesome blog(ger) that’s been MIA for quite some time now.

  6. betheboy

    There was a Sneeze sighting over the weekend when he appeared briefly during our live video chat. It was just for a moment and then he was gone, like the tooth fairy.

  7. CSG

    I miss the sneeze too. Thank the gods you came back! missing too great blogs would have been unbearable. Not really. But I like you both.

  8. Joseph J. Finn

    Not to say that you’re wrong about 1986….but c’mon, a year that had both Peter Gabriel’s “So” and Paul Simon’s Graceland and you pick Run DMC?

  9. betheboy

    Good Question Joseph. I went with Raisin’ Hell because I find Peter Gabriel to be appallingly boring and Paul Simon while a world class talent is rumored to have…liberally borrowed (stole is too strong a word) many of the songs that became the Graceland album. Besides they would also finish behind the first They Might Be Giants record and XTC’s Skylarking.

  10. What is there to dispute? This is a great list. Anyone who appreciates Jesus and Mary Chain will get no argument from me…

    That said, ‘Disintegration’ by The Cure is pretty close to my heart for 1989. It’s on my short list of “Albums I can actually listen to without pressing *skip*”

    REM ‘Document’ is such a fantastic album, the best tracks being those that never made it to radio play.

    Rage Against the Machine’s debut changed the way I listened to rock. I’d put that in for 1994, the first time I heard the album… even though it was released in 1992. What can I say, I was in college in Seattle, which was inundated with Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. No complaints here, I’m just stating the facts… ;)

  11. House fire? I’d grab my purse, which already carries everything I might need, and perhaps a sweater.

    The Sneeze–so missed.

    “That’s a Dad’s job” is the best sentence ever.

    Seriously? Nebraska?? (pause) Okay–I’ll give you that. I just looked at albums from 1982 and Yikes!

  12. betheboy

    I love, love, love Nebraska.

  13. leems

    Nebraska = right on.
    Hypothetically it would be on my list as well, except I wasn’t born yet in ’82.

  14. If my swanky one room flat caught fire I would take nothing with me but my fire insurance policy and maybe my “introducing The Beatles” record. I was just kidding about the swanky pad, what I meant to say was…skanky.

    My favs on your list:
    Brian Eno, Here Come The Warm Jets
    Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks
    The Clash, London Calling
    Run DMC, Raising Hell
    Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation
    The Jesus and Mary Chain, Automatic
    Nevermind, Nirvana
    Let Love In, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds *
    Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

    * Nick Cave is the man. Good call.

  15. Dude – this is HARD!

    Ask me to name my top 50 albums of all time, okay…but to tie only ONE album to a specific year, wow.

    I just worked through about 125 albums checking and double-checking release dates and need to whittle a bunch of years down to one, and then find at least ONE tolerable release for a few more.

    My level of difficulty is increased due to the fact I have to fill in those extra years during the late ’50s – where all you young whippersnappers don’t have to tread!

    But to kick things off:
    1957: Elvis’ Christmas Album

    One down…

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