If You Watched Us, You Would Have Known By Now

We held our third live chat last night and despite some problems integrating Skype into the chat (any Skype experts out there?) we think everyone had a good time. If you saw us last night you witnessed our best attempts at being family friendly ( we failed at this). and the sing along with Be the Boy feature where I sing the hits that the kids all love so much. In honor of my mom’s birthday we also discovered life lessons learned from my mother which include:

1- Paying bills is overrated and that due date is only a guideline.

2- Out of toothpaste? Use cola.

3- Never, ever tell the cops anything.

4- Skipping school is OK if it’s to do something cool like go shopping or seeing a movie.

Happy birthday mom! Also, Happy birthday Annika!

Thanks to everyone who joined us, we hope you come back next week. Feel free to tell us what you think of it in the comments.

If you missed the chat, we managed to archive part of it here.



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9 responses to “If You Watched Us, You Would Have Known By Now

  1. vintagecaveman

    Watching it now…
    Sorry I couldn’t make it.
    My computer FAILed just short of exploding..

  2. betheboy

    Vintagecaveman – you were missed. The other kids were asking about you.

  3. it was an awesome, and they didn’t even know i was hiding in their house! per the usual, i learned some stuff. (hint: if you want will to do something, ask him to do the opposite or at least make him think it was his idea.) aren’t ALL men like that?

    vcm: you were missed!

  4. melissa

    I never make it there on time but watching it the next day is (I think) almost as entertaining. I hope you get the Skype idea working – that would be awesome.

  5. When I do live video streaming, I use a second computer to handle Skype, and take audio in/out from that computer to get everything working together. Don’t know if that’d help you guys at all, but it seems to work OK for me. e-Mail me if you need further assistance. Maybe I can help you out.

  6. dvl

    yeah, it was good times.

  7. I’m always working Saturday nights. Yes, I have no life.

  8. @shawno: How does that feed into the audio for the first computer?

    The weird thing is while the volume on the caller is insanely low, it records on StickAM just fine. Except that since I can’t hear what the caller is saying, it’s essentially useless. Blargh.

  9. Erm, that was me. Weird.

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