Recapping The Second Time Around

Last night we held our second live video chat and I think it went pretty well. It was technically smoother than the first go round and there was only a single troll interruption in the nearly two hours we we’re live. While it featured less porn talk than the first chat we did manage nonetheless to offend the internet enough to get temporarily booted from the video hosting service (this was rectified in minutes). Parts of the video are archived here.

We’re still working the bugs out but we’re having fun. Thanks to everyone who played along last night, we hope to see you (and everyone you know) next time. Here is where you’ll find us when we do it again.



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4 responses to “Recapping The Second Time Around

  1. Will you guys still talk to me after you become Internet Superstars?

  2. betheboy

    You know Jodi, we’ll probably stop before then so you don’t think we went Hollywood.

    (We kid)

  3. CSG

    any Europe-friendly live chat soon? the time different is too big! I can’t make it to the chats :(

  4. Enjoyed the chat. I still won’t be signing up for Twitter anytime soon, but you’ve talked me into looking into it a little deeper.

    Also, the Guitar Hero Challenge is always open if you’re in the Madison area. Loser buys dinner.

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