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From The Guys Who Brought You:

Hobo Hand Jobs


Hobo 24 Hour Fitness

Be The Boy proudly presents the latest in a long line of hobo adventures:

Hobo Moving Company

My hobo neighbor is apparently branching into the moving business but he’s doing it very slowly. This Jeep/dresser hybrid has been sitting behind my house for two weeks. I don’t know if he’s moving it in or moving it out but he’s sure taking his time about it.

More pictures after the jump:

Will he ever finish the job?  Your guess is as good as mine but I’ll let you know if he does.

For the record, here is the original hobo story.



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13 responses to “More Hobo Stories

  1. i bet he’s waiting for his passport to arrive.

  2. melissa

    I swear I just moved out of your neighborhood.

  3. Bill

    Uh — there’s not a funny *smell* coming from that chest, is there? Nobody in the neighborhood missing?

  4. betheboy

    Bill, So far no funny smells. i think we’re ok there.

  5. I think that it’s a Hobo Guest House.

  6. Ted

    I can’t believe your hobos have a Jeep!

    I just read an article about how people, in the L.A. area, who live in their cars are getting ticketed for parking illegally. I think the Slackmistress has the right idea about the guest house; or they could be converting the Jeep into an apartment or condo to bring in revenue for beer, wine, and waffles.

  7. Paul L.

    Looks like you caught him with his drawers down.

  8. AnonEMouse

    Paul L..that was classic. Thank you. :)

  9. Gowan

    On an completely unrelated note, I cannot believe no one has told you about this:


  11. betheboy

    Holy crap! Do they have hobo internet and know we posted this? We got Ho-busted.

  12. betheboy

    Also, Gowan thanks for ruining my life with that link.

  13. Gowan

    I live to serve.

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