Things To Do on a Friday Night

Since my mom has been reading lately, I’d like to share a story that involves her. This appeared on the old blog several years ago but my mom and many other people weren’t reading then so it’s brand new to them.

Things To Do on a Friday Night

The best thing about grocery shopping with my mother when I was very young, circa 1981-82, wasn’t the food, it was the family time we had.

For a few years, my mom used to go food shopping on Friday nights. After coming home from work she’d pack my brother, sister and I into the car and we’d head to the Pathmark on Montauk Highway in West Babylon. We lived several towns from West Babylon and there were at least a half dozen supermarkets along the way we could have gone to but we had to go to Pathmark because that was where everyone went. On a Friday night we would be there and so would my grandmother, great grandmother, and aunt. Sometimes there would be a cousin thrown in too. Friday night wasn’t just grocery shopping, it was a reunion. We’d talk, play games and sometimes we would gather in the aisle and take pictures or make plans for sleepovers. I’d help my great grandmother bag her groceries and get candy from the machines by the exit.

When I got older, about 10 or 11 years old, I thought I was too cool for the supermarket on Friday night. While mom went to get food with my brother and sister I’d stay home, watch TV and read pornography. The once wholesome evening became a fiesta of MTV and stolen copies of Club magazine. Yeah, I sold out the family for dirty magazines but at the time it seemed like a good trade.  In retrospect I made the wrong choice.  Kids, if you ever have to choose between seeing your family at the supermarket and pornography, go see your family at the supermarket.



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10 responses to “Things To Do on a Friday Night

  1. betheboy

    By the way – don’t think that just because my mom is reading you can’t say awful things in the comments.

  2. vintagecaveman

    Words to live by…


  3. vmpyrdavid

    “Pathmark on Montauk Highway in West Babylon”

    When I first read that I thought, “He changed the names to protect the innocent.” :)

    My dad always did the grocery shopping. I hated going with him. He likes to walk each and every aisle at a sloth’s pace working off the grocery list that is “in his head”. What would take a normal person 30 minutes to do, dad took three times longer.

  4. “read pornography”? Seriously, now… Nipples and boobs doe not constitute “reading”. Not even for the blind.

  5. Zach

    One of my favorite things that I have inherited from my dad is a strange love for going to the grocery store. At first I thought it was for him a nostalgic walk into the past of the five and dime store his parents once owned. Then I evolved into seeing that he had lived through a time where his family didn’t have very much and he was now, as a successful father, able to go to the grocery store and have access to almost any food available to provide for his family. Now as I have grown older and have a girlfriend whose family I get to spend copious amounts of time with, I realize that going to the grocery store is the ultimate excuse to get away from everybody. I had two brothers and two sisters, all very close in age…I would want to get away from us too. It must have been so loud all the time in my house, but I never noticed because I was always so hopped up on Count Chocula. You brought that fate on yourself Pop.

  6. I have fond memories of digging through dumpsters and garbage cans in my neighborhood looking for pornography. It was a rare score, but when it was a score, oh, was it ever a score! Much better than going to the supermarket with my mom, sorry.

  7. zoe

    i think dat was a stupid thing to do didnt u have friends instead of starving yourself to death at a very young age?but anyway you did the rite thing at the end of the day.

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