She and I on Ice

Lately, as part of her Anti-Social Networking site, my wife has been holding live video chats where she drinks wine and discusses dating, geek culture, social media etc… They are fun and informative with the added bonus of her possibly falling out of her shirt after a few glasses of red.  Last night she decided to invite me to participate in her video chat, as an extension of our old Be The Marriage video blogs.  I accepted and we started things up at 9:30 with the expectation we’d chat for about an hour (yeah, Saturday night and we’re video chatting…we’re nerds).

We notified a few people and got started, after some problems (i.e. trolls on yahoo live) we moved to a new location and despite the last minute move still had far more participants than we expected.   We started with a big announcement* and then moved onto the usual tomfoolery: robots, how someone almost saw my wenis at the BBQ place the previous night and the major classifications of pornography.  It was educational and it was a lot of fun.  There’s even a review from a participant here. If you played along I’d love to know what you thought of it too.

Hopefully we’ll see you next time, here’s the link, we’ll tell you when the next one is happening.

*The big announcement was an addition to our family.  No, not a baby or a puppy but a Nintendo Wii.  We can’t afford one but I had a bunch of unused Amazon gift cards that I redeemed so the Wii console cost me next to nothing.  Next week, live Wii Fit video chat?  Maybe, if we can avoid spilling our drinks.



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12 responses to “She and I on Ice

  1. Bwah. I loved it. I learned so much about road porn. We absolutely MUST hang out one day.

  2. I missed the live show. How do you like streaming over Stickam? I’ve been considering using it instead of Ustream for future live recordings of my podcast.

  3. betheboy

    -Shawno: As the ex will tell you it was mostly me telling people about how much harder it used to be to get porn before the internet. We thought Stickam was pretty good. It’s got a smooth, intuitive interface and gave us no problems. We still need to work out the features but so far so good.

  4. I have to explain to Chanel tonight why our mom is now called “road porn”.

  5. betheboy

    Good luck with that one.

  6. I thought the trolls were ridiculous on yahoo .. they need a feature where the admin can ban someone.

    I tried to join again over @ Stickam but it was unusable (bad/no video/audio sync, etc.) so gave up.

    Great idea, maybe next time ..

  7. that review is most likely THE best review of all reviews that have been reviewed.

    stickam seemed to handle the bandwidth much better than yahoo.

    fro yo.

  8. @curtis: we actually DID ban them, but they were able to come back. They need to work on something where you can only have invited people or password protect or something. I filled out an abuse report, FWIW.

  9. I missed the show. We have a Wii, we got it for my son last x-mas. Love it! If you get Guitar Hero let me know, we can play against each other online! Also we can share Mii’s. Gah I’m a geek.

    p.s. I was Quality Assurance manager for Sierra Online about 14 year ago, so I got to play games once upon a time for a living. I don’t think it’s totally out of my blood.

  10. yeti9000

    Sorry I missed the live chat…sounds like it was awesome!

    But, oh, man…now that you’ve joined the Wii generation, you are gonna go Wii crazy, dude! Christine and I have not loved a thing this much since we got our first DVD player. Seriously, Wii is the best…and if you can find a Wii Fit, even better!!

  11. Awwww, baby Wii! Congratulations you guys!

  12. will i cant swim either. i dont think its weird at all.

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