6 Things Missing From My Life

Three Good Things I Wish I Had

  • The complete Get a Life on DVD
  • Skee Ball machine for the home or office
  • A bag full o’ money (with dollar sign on it)

Three Thing I’m Glad I Don’t Have Anymore

  • Student Loans
  • Cigarettes (I swear I’m not missing smoking, not even late at night, really I’m not protesting too much at all)
  • That nagging, sometimes crushing sense of doom

How about you, what do you wish you had and what are you happy to kiss goodbye?



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15 responses to “6 Things Missing From My Life

  1. (That skee ball machine idea? Fabulous!)

    Wish I had:
    -The money to take a sabbatical from work to travel and relax.
    -A milkshake machine in my kitchen (wait, scratch that, it could be very dangerous)
    -Someone to vacuum the apartment complex I manage

    Glad to be rid of:
    -Any and all communication with a former ex
    -Smoking (all kinds)
    -Long hair (And the notion that you can’t be feminine and sexy without it)

  2. betheboy

    The skee ball machine would of course dispense tickets, redeemable for prizes.

  3. melissa

    Wish I had:

    – Money to pay all my debts
    – The automat kitchen from the Jetsons
    – A maid

    Glad to be rid of:

    – Student loans
    – The maintenance responsibilities of my old house
    – The stupidity and insecurity of my 20’s

  4. vintagecaveman

    -Lots of money
    -A mini HD camera
    -No worries

    Glad to be rid:
    -“High school” angst
    – Limitations of the age variety
    -Fear of the future

  5. HOly shit, I want a skee ball machine now.

  6. Sadly, I miss smoking but am glad I’ve stopped.

    I miss and want vodka. Copious amounts of vodka.

  7. caela

    I wish I had:
    a job
    a passing grade in algebra
    a black kitchen aid stand mixer

    I don’t miss:
    being in debt
    working with people who hate me
    eating meat

  8. Paul L.

    Wish I had:

    1. A big ol’ birthday cake for Mister Brian Wilson.

    Can’t think of anything else today.

    Would like to get rid of:

    1. Writer’s block.

    I’ll get back to you on this one, m’man.

  9. vmpyrdavid

    For later: Skee Ball for the Home

    Things I Wish I Had:
    1. Fully functional R2-D2
    2. Audi Formula 3 & tow vehicle
    C. The ability to quit smoking. Completely.

    Things I’m Glad to be rid of:
    1. Car payments
    2. Renters
    3. My old, big-ass CRT. (Apple Cinema HD, FTW!)

  10. Caela, I have an awesome gunmetal gray kitchen aid standing mixer, but I’m totally in debt. There you have it.

  11. Xtine

    Three Things I Wish I Had:
    1. A pen that never runs out of ink
    2. A Transporter (re: Star Trek)
    3. To sing on key every time I open my mouth

    Three Things I’m Glad I Don’t Have Anymore
    1. The urge to tight roll my jeans
    2. Barbies
    3. A car

  12. Three Things I Wish I Had:
    1. Time
    2. Patience
    3. A girlfriend

    Three Things I’m Glad I Don’t Have Anymore
    1. Angst
    2. Doubt
    3. A boyfriend

  13. Want:
    1. A gigantic television
    2. Imperical proof that there either is or isn’t a God
    3. A nose that never runs

    Lost & Happy About:
    1. Fear of saying no
    2. My desire to complain endlessly
    3. Acne

  14. Want:
    1. Money to pay off debt and travel.
    2. Sanity.
    3. A clean house.

    Glad to be rid of:
    1. My Southern accent.
    2. My crappy lemon of a VW Jetta.
    3. The trash in my car.

  15. caela

    Surprisingly enough I am jealous! :-)

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