All Grown Up and No Place to Hide

In case you didn’t notice the first ten times I mentioned it, my birthday is this Wednesday.

I tend to spend the days leading up to my birthday thinking about the ways I’ve changed as I’ve gotten older. I wonder if I’m more mature and sophisticated than I used to be. I certainly thought about those things this afternoon.

After a stressful first half of the day I needed a quick break so I headed downstairs to buy a snack and a cold drink. As I stood in line waiting to pay I noticed the biggest of company bigwigs standing across from me. Since the lunch rush was over it was just them and me in the place. The CEO nodded and smiled and I said good afternoon as I hoped they didn’t notice the chocolate milk and pack of Rolo I was trying to hide behind my back.

Have I mentioned I’ll be tuning 34 this week?

To be fair, Rolo is a whole roll of smiles.

P.S. I just had a great idea and I shared it over at LA Metblogs.



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10 responses to “All Grown Up and No Place to Hide

  1. Rolos and a chocolate milk seems more mature than say, a Mountain Dew and a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

    And Rolos rule. Candies with caramel >> all other candies.

  2. My sister is turning 29 next week and wants a Teddy Bear for her collection. I might as well buy her 5 cats and some stigma…

    I have a little box of raisins with my packed lunch – I used to have them when I was 5….

  3. A little advance birthday giggle (chocolate related to boot) here:

  4. yeti9000

    Awesome post. But, dude, you left two very important questions unanswered…

    1. Do you consider you boss a pal?

    2. And if so, did you “roll him a rolo”?

    Dying to know…

  5. betheboy

    Alas, I did not.

  6. 1. I’m calling Fuckpants, because no one else did. I do not want the fuckpants to be like the lost language of the Tribe of Whatchamacallit, where the elders did not teach it to the children. Just because it’s a new look does NOT mean we can abandon the fuckpants, people.

    2. I heart Rolos. And Caramello, for that matter. And it would have only been embarrassing if it would have been a Yoohoo.

  7. betheboy

    Thankfully it was Nestle Quick, or NesQuick as the kids like to say.

  8. Waitaminute, what’s wrong with Yoohoo?

  9. Happy Birthday! I’ll be celebrating by driving to Denver.

  10. Eric loves YooHoo and he’s much older than you!

    I recently bought Toffifay because when I was a kid they ran ads saying it was “too good for kids” and I never had it. Well, I was unimpressed.

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