Who Wants Prizes? And a Question

Have you ever had a bizarre crush? Do you like free stuff? If you answered yes to either of these questions go to my wife’s site, Anti Social Networking, to see how you can get free stuff my sharing your ridiculous crush.

Go check it out, unless you hate free stuff.

For the record my Bizarre Crushes include, Anne Frank, Judy Jetson and the Morton’s Salt Girl.

Now for a question:

I’m looking for new podcasts to listen to, what do you recommend?



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15 responses to “Who Wants Prizes? And a Question

  1. myfoodcoma

    This American Life.

  2. betheboy

    That is a good start, while I do listen on the radio about once a month I never listen to the podcast.

  3. rob

    Oddly enough I was just thinking last night as I listened to NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast that I really should tell you to check it out. In particular they had an interview/guest DJ session with T-Bone Burnett that I think you would probably dig. http://www.npr.org/allsongs

  4. rob

    Also look for music podcasts from KCRW and KEXP, just search in iTunes. Also I just discovered Escape Pod, which is sci-fi short stories, by real authors not just random goofballs, if you’re into that.

  5. betheboy

    Thanks rob, for the record i like mix of authors and goofballs.

  6. i would love to help you, but i am almost embarrassed to say i have never listened to a podcast. so, yeah, i should probably watch your list of suggestions grow, actually.


  7. betheboy

    Sarcomical- I’m equally embarrassed at my lack of podcast experience. I listen to a handful but I need a few more to drown out the office noise and maybe download for the commute. At the moment I go with the Aquarium Drunkard podcast for music, the occasional Retrocrush podcast for tomfoolery but the other ones are just podcasts versions of daily broadcasts like Mr. Tony and PTI.

    I ask for recommendations partly because I’d like to finally start my own and I need to study up beforehand.

  8. I listen to a lot of podcasts (and even produce a couple). These are the podcasts I’m currently sub’d to:

  9. 1. this american life
    2. bob and sheri podcast (radio show, very funny)
    3. hbo comedy series
    4. npr poetry series
    5. quick and dirty has several to choose from (grammar girl, get it done guy, etc.) very short podcasts packed with great tips.
    6. i just added this one, “regrets” no feedback for you yet, i sounded interesting.
    7. and did i mention this american life? that’s a podcast AND a showtime series. ira glass is sexy.

  10. vintagecaveman

    1.retroCRUSH the podcast
    2.Watching the Directors (movie podcast focused on directors)
    3.Watching Theology (movie podcast focused on the philosophy, spirituality, and religious symbols in a chosen movie)
    4. Destroy the Brain! (horror movie podcast)
    5.Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

  11. i think it’s funny that i made a “freudian slip” on #6 with “i sounded interesting”. i crack myself up.

  12. liz

    my sister and I have both been the morton salt girl for halloween. She is classic.

  13. @Liz: I have also been the Morton Salt Girl for halloween! I’d wonder why it was so popular, but I think parental laziness is where it’s at. ;)

  14. liz

    slack- Perhaps, except that I was 19 when I was and my sister was 18… I just sort of wish I could be her all the time. How old were you and do you have pictures? for some reason I can’t find any of me.

  15. I know I’m a little late on this one… I’ve fallen behind :(
    But, I am a big CBC nerd. And … I’m ok with that.
    so, some of my favourites, (all from CBC)
    “Best of DNTO”
    “The R3-30”
    “Search Engine”
    “Vinyl Cafe Stories”
    “White Coat, Black Art”

    there used to be one about advertisement… “age of persuasion”? or something like that… I liked it alot to…

    hmm, I need to diversify.

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